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Consider yourself BLOCKED.

Can we just address this for a minute? (and I will keep it brief.....) Have you ever encountered keyboard ninjas? I LOVE to keep the peace and really display a very positive aspect of my life on the internet, but I am going to touch on this topic, because the deeper I dive into sharing… Continue reading Consider yourself BLOCKED.


Braving a WHOLE New Year

You guys 2018 was tough. I sat with my husband last night, reflecting on how our years went and he had a very different perspective than me. He was full of the WOWs of his year, while I felt like 2018 took me for a big spin and kicked me out somewhere near a dessert… Continue reading Braving a WHOLE New Year

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I want you in my CONFIDENCE CREW

We are on the home stretch for the big 1 - 9 and it feels INSANE to me that we are even at this point in our 2018!!   Confidence Crew is DROPPING LIKE it is REAL hot!!! Where did the summer go?  Hell, what about the spring?  WINTER?  Damn. It literally feels like two weeks… Continue reading I want you in my CONFIDENCE CREW

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What it’s like. Millennial Married without kids Edition

I am just going to be blunt here for a second, wasting time in your life S U C K S. Living by the standards of society, also sucks.  I have gone back and forth about EVEN talking about this topic. Because it is taboo. Because it is hard.  Because messy is easier left swept… Continue reading What it’s like. Millennial Married without kids Edition

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Guilt-Free Unsugar Cookies

Lately, I have had a fascination with all things cookie dough.  It is a love-love relationship where I lovingly dive into a decadent tasting "dough" that I concoct out of inflammation-friendly ingredients like coconut flour, cacao nibs, stevia, coconut oil, flax seeds, superfood blends, and so on, you get the picture....ooooodles of creation here!! Today,… Continue reading Guilt-Free Unsugar Cookies

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World Arthritis Day 2018

Welcome to the glimpse of a disease that affects one in four individuals, arthritis.  This disease is personal, local, and worldwide.  So many of us are affected that I wanted to share my peace with today. First things first, we get to release AWARENESS. In the sanctity of my life, I NEVER shared about rheumatoid… Continue reading World Arthritis Day 2018

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Make Your Own Almond Joy Bars

It is NO secret that I have a WICKED sweet tooth!  You are looking at a blog from the girl who used to eat sugar from our sugar bowl by the SPOONFUL, went to culinary school to earn a baking & pastry arts degree, took advantage of cooking opportunities within her pre-K classroom on the… Continue reading Make Your Own Almond Joy Bars


The Beautiful TRUTH that is Toasted Coconut Butter (Manna if you’re fancy ♥)

If you have ever dabbled in the world of autoimmune diets, nutrition, protocols, eliminations, or anything related to REMOVING inflammation from your body, there has probably BEEN a time that you stumbled across the fact that peanut butter is an excessively inflammatory food....I, myself, am an enthusiast of the aforementioned butter, and I absolutely know… Continue reading The Beautiful TRUTH that is Toasted Coconut Butter (Manna if you’re fancy ♥)

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Coconut Cacao Chip Griddle Cakes

And, with that, Sunday brunch vibes just got REALLY clear. Here is the truth, I am not a fan of the fads that come and go.  Eat. Real. Food. The genesis of this recipe came from wanting to enjoy my Sunday morning breakfast with ingredients that are low-inflammation and helpful for my body's immune system. … Continue reading Coconut Cacao Chip Griddle Cakes

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Positivity and SPICE Wellness Community

It is OFFICIALLY HERE!!! I have finally created a ONE-STOP, FREE community (on Facebook here) where you can gain access to all things WELLNESS!! Some of us have goals and wonder HOW to reach them....I am going to be diving into the different tools that I have utilized to lose weight, remove medication, find BETTER… Continue reading Positivity and SPICE Wellness Community


Will you brighten the WORLD with some love?

You guys, I am so excited to be able to partner with a PURPOSEFUL cause this holiday season!!  I have been asked to help spread the word about the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing from The World Needs More Love Letters!!!  Have you ever heard of sending people LOVE LETTERS, just because???!!  (I know,… Continue reading Will you brighten the WORLD with some love?

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That WEIGHT-LOSS Life, though…

Want to know the CRAZIEST thing about losing weight?  (truth: you are here, so I am going to assume THAT is a yes!) You don't get to stop.  Like, YOU HAVE TO keep going, or the entire process just becomes a big FAT FLOP (pun intended, pun accepted, pun befriended). If you have read my… Continue reading That WEIGHT-LOSS Life, though…