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2017-05-01_16-01-37_197So, hey!  Welcome!  It has been a minute since I felt like I could ACTUALLY speak my mind, so I hope you are cool with that happening RIGHT here? (Okay, GOOD♥)
carry on…

What is up??!  Really, though, you might be sitting reading this thinking, “Oh, here we go…another person with a SUPER inspiring story about to lay it on thick…” But, hold up!  Right thereI am a super inspiring individual when I want to be, but I don’t always want to blow smoke up yourI want to TEACH you how to change your life in a couple of simple steps (no matter your dilemma, no matter your background, no matter your LIFE).
are you listening?

What I have done is NOT that exciting.  Every single person could have my kind of story, but not every single person will choose to have a story they want to shareThat is one of the differences.  I am a total shy girl, fat-kid-at-heart, who loves candy and sugar WAY more than anyone I know (think $$$ in debt from culinary school because I have a pastry arts degree!), and I STILL rocked weight loss, foodie-loving habits, and kicked bored and emotional eating to the curb.

So, what are the simple steps?

Here you go. I LIKE your intuitiveness and gall for MORE.  A little more of that will take you a LONG way, so keep that in your back pocket, always!

Step One:  Find belief in something YOU WANT to do.

This one might seem pretty obvious, right? But, I am here to tell you, as a person with MULTIPLE degrees, countless years spent at mediocre jobs, and hundreds of extra pounds lingering on my former waistline, YOU have to follow your heart and NOT be afraid when it tells you it is no longer happy.  For me, this happened more times than I can count.  It sometimes happens daily, and I change it.  It happens weekly, and I change it.  It happens monthly, and I change it…you get the picture.  (←the birth of this blog is a choice from that)

Being in the realm of following our hearts is scary AF, A!F!, but it is vital to winning at life.  How do you want to wake up each morning?  (pause and really think) 
If you are totes cool waking up 50+ pounds overweight, rushing to get breakfast at a drive-thru, and hanging around the cronies soaking up the gossip, then keep punching that time clock.  If you are NOT satisfied, I am glad you are still reading…continue on ♥

Step Two: Decide HOW you will get what you want.

Now, this might sound a bit TOO easy, but it really IS the secret sauce.  Simply making a decision is exactly HOW you got to where you are.  am I right?! We choose daily so many things…clothes to wear, food to eat, things to buy online, bills to pay, moods to have, blah, blah, blah….so why not turn those choices into the LIFE you want to live??  It really IS that simple.  You make a decision, then you execute.  The details will TRULY fill themselves in along the way, if you have that belief from step one ♥

Step Three: Live with a GET-TO attitude.

While this might seem like, duh!, it is often something that we simply FORGET over time.  Gratitude.  Practice it.  Every LITTLE detail in your life is something to be grateful for and that which you have been blessed.  I will not go all high and mighty on you here, but I will say this → each and every SINGLE day when I battle that UGH! feeling of pushing play on my workout routine, I make a quick shift, “I get to.” I could be lying around in SO MUCH pain from rheumatoid arthritis that even moving to put on my shirt is a chore, or I could be absolutely incapable of being able to workout because I have a medical condition that stops me in my tracks, or…you get the point.  GET-TO is a privilege.  Life is a privilege.  So why do we waste so much time feeling sorry for ourselves in our pity party of one?  STOP.  (I write this half-selfishly because I NEED to heed my own words!) Remember the magic you wanted in your heart? Do you? You get-to WANT that.  Dreams are not placed on our hearts out of nowhere, they have meaning.  The recipe I mentioned above is as follows:  Take a lot of step one, push yourself in step two, then step three really does come very naturally. TRUST♥

My final thoughts will leave you thinking, “oh hell, here we go…” So, hear me out.  When that moment of not having something you thought you would have in your life slaps you in the face for the umpteenth time, will it hurt you?  No.  It will not hurt you if you are not aware of what your heart wants from you.  KEEP your heart’s voice LOUD in your ears and hush the inevitable sounds of trolls lingering in the shadows.  You WILL get exactly what you want by those thoughts you think every single day.  Make your thoughts shiny, sparkling, and full of love….skip the side of fear, and focus on smiling because it will always leave you in a better place.

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