What do you do when you are afraid??!

It seems pretty obvious, right?

Fear stops us, dead, in our tracks, frozen, out of the realm of being able to move forward.

But, is it REALLY ever quite that dramatic?!

šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ no. Not usually, but it should be.Every goal we set is an opportunity to listen to our hearts and shine with a brightness that grows our souls. But, how come each time we have an idea sparked in our heart, we have that doubt that rises up and squashes is before we even get started?

Why do we allow FEAR in?

Fear creeps in when our willingness to accept the unknown is less than our willingness to stay comfortable.Ā  One way to get over fear, AND THE ONLY THING you need to know from this post, is to just get REALLY (like REALLY-really) friendly with feeling uncomfortable about the unknown. Have faith. Trust your gut. Show up for your dream, and life will reward you by overcoming fear without you doing ANY dirty work āœŒšŸ»āœØ

xo, Nicky