Great Minds Think A LOT…

Maybe you are like me a little…?


My mind races and races with all of these amazing ideas of what to help the world conquer, what to do with my life, what to buy on Amazon, and what to feed my belly, but then, JUST LIKE THAT, {POOF!}, snap back to reality, and you LOST all momentum.

Going, going, GONE!

Now, I am only an expert in what makes me a human being.  I love my dog, my husband, my family, and my peeps that get me….Ulta and Target are jammin’, + any healthy-food-style store ROCKS my life.  I don’t take meds anymore because I hacked my personal nutrition, and I have lost over 100 pounds.  I used to make cakes, then taught preschool, and now I am a home entrepreneur who rules social media healthstyles like a unicorn(maybe that is SUPER confusing?)

Anyways, the whole point of this message right here is this….Your mind will CONSTANTLY be thinking and growing and DOING, it is your task to capture the magic and go run with what it is sharing ♥ 

Today, it was one of those days…one where I learn to not fight what is inside my thoughts, and allow change to occur(this is where magic begins…)

Some of us focus on the past, some the future, but the truly ingenious ones focus on right now.  I am breathing (win!), I am creative (super-win!), and I am able to work from home so Sundays don’t feel like an anxiety-driven-death-wish (BEST win!!).  If your life is not feeling how you THINK it should have by now, go do something to change it.  Meet the significant other. Change the career.  Start the workout.  Just. GO. do.

xo, Nicky


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