My FIRST Giveaway

Hey Babe!! Today marks 2 YEARS since I last took a prescription med for my rheumatoid arthritis, and I am celebrating by giving back! ♥

Are you OVER all the added sugar and crazy candy rush and CRUSH that you have been experiencing?

Awesome!  This is JUST for you!!

Copy of Copy of Welcome (6)


I am going all-in for 3 days, totally FREE, and totally 1:1 coaching from yours truly!!  I feel so driven to help others FEEL free like I am from the obsession, fuel, and power that sugar often has over us.

If you think you need a quick reset, simple recipes, low carb substitutions, and a community of babes who are just like you, click to JOIN above!!

As always, I am so grateful for you!  Thank you for being here, following, and showing all the love!!

xo, Nicky

Nicky and Spice is a dream, goal, and wish that has turned into a place for Nicky to share her journey, accomplishments, insight and focus.  If you would like to contact her for more information, email her at to reach out ♥

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