My BIG FAT stab at low CARB, HIGH fat living

High fat, low carb.



Crazy fad.


Quick fix.


Can I simply start by saying, THESE are all ways I HAVE felt about the idea of eating  higher fat, lower carbohydrate nutrition.  I came from the old standard of calorie-counting, LOVED my carbs (sugar) WAY more than I ever admitted, and really felt that fat was the devil (#fatfreelife).

I have been proven wrong.  I have ‘eaten’ my words, metaphorically speaking.  I have lost weight, and felt fulfilled.  I have enjoyed fat in my coffee, and not missed the sugar (without the mention of a few slips, which I will go into full disclosure below).

I will also state a disclaimer, again, I am NOT a nutritionist, medical professional, or any type of health expertI am simply sharing MY own journey, like a diary, to inspire, express, and share hope with others who are like me (and I know you unicorns exist out there, so thanks and you are welcome ).

My initial disbelief


Let me start this by saying that 2017 has been a BIG, FAT FLOP in terms of weight-loss wins for this girl.  Up and down.  Back and forth.  Frustrated and excited.  Winning and (not) losing.  STUCK.  I am also going to share something that may or may not excite you, but I am an excellence-hunter, a perfectionism-battler, a person who needs hard-limits to succeed.  Think elimination, structure, extreme.  Needless to say, when challenged by reading the MADE Diet guide I mentioned in my last post, I jumped in and took with me the desire to eat ALL the fruit, candy, and SUGAR in sight.   I gave myself the challenge to SKIP fruit for 7 days, which also meant skipping sweeteners, candy, cookies, baking, delicious sweets, sugar, (insert your sugary vice here).  I took this challenge 2 days BEFORE Halloween, and I made it more than 8 days before cracking (more on that below)…

Within one week of really diving in, counting carbs, tracking my macros (I use a super easy app on my phone), I dropped 7.2 pounds and 8.5 inches.  I was SHOCKED.  Have you tried this??  Really, tried this??  It still baffles me.

Okay, so I had to make a MAJOR mental shift, and I did NOT want to eat dairy or compromise my rheumatoid nutrition that I have worked so hard to maintain.  I also challenged my sugar dragon by removing fruit for the duration of a week (which is currently STILL going ).  So, breaking down what is in the book’s information, I knew that my fat sources were going to include a few orders from Thrive Market (try it here) and Amazon, but mostly be plant-based (coconut, olive, and avocado) and continue to include my go-to lean poultry options of whole eggs and chicken (not just breasts).  I have learned to be a veggie-lover over the past four years and 120 pounds gone, so that part was just a shift away from fruit and leaning into more brocolli, cauliflower, and spinach/kale/romaine.  To keep my digestion in full-swing, healthy-mode, I kept drinking my pre-probiotic, immunity smoothie (try out my 7 day kit here) and doing my daily at-home workouts.

You guys!!!  I am not usually one who hops on the fad-train…I am not going to be demanding bacon at every meal, or eating butter-topped EVERYTHING anytime soon, but I am a believer that FAT helps you lose weight when your body stops relying on sugar as your fuel source.

But, you said you broke…and ate sugar anyways.


2017-11-01_13-39-27_275I will be completely transparent with you here.  I am an addict.  I battle the fight with sugar, DAILY. Minute by minute.  Hour by hour.  Mindless boredom by mindless boredom, scrolling, wandering, searching for my next fix.  I do not think anything is coincidence in this world, I have had WAY too many a-ha moments for me to believe that I just happened to go to culinary school for baking and pastry arts and, ALSO, battle a sugar dragon on both shoulders (just call me Khaleesi ).  My sugar-love outdoes my love of MANY things, sometimes my clothing sizes included.

So, on a whim, I purchased some clearanced Halloween candy to make a few homemade Christmas gifts, and THERE it was.  Killed my vibe, tribe.  SO hard.  I ate the Maltesers, first.  Then a Snickers.  Then went the Twix.  By the time I got home, I had eaten a couple bags of berry Skittles (my orthodontists LOVE me), and was ready to raid the fridge for leftover icing from my cake decorating side-gig….and then I felt it.  Immediate guilt.

Remember the hard limits.  I had failed.  Here is my BIGGEST piece of truth and release for  you.  GRACE. Get some, feel some, love some.  Since that day, I have had a few of these moments.  I told myself no fruit, which I have successfully accomplished, but I will be damned if that freakin’ sugar doesn’t sneak in in the form of a chocolate chip cookie here, or discount danish cake there.  My second rule to live by, DON’T buy it, just say no at the grocery store.  I do not regret eating anything, ever.  It is not LIFE, if you give yourself constant HELL for food choices, but do know that you have POWER (at every single instance) to make a better choice, switch back to your goal, or dive in and enjoy every ever-loving second of the sugar dragon’s hold.

My instant regretful-feeling always happens the next morning, when rheumatoid delivers the receipt for the food I ate yesterday.  Those few mornings of crappy choices led to over-achy wrists, fingers, and just sluggish vibes.

So, while I urge you to always practice self-love, self-healing, and GRACE, understand there will ALWAYS be a receipt to account for.  IT might be a digestive issue that leaves you bloated and angry, or achy knees, tight pants, splotchy skin…our bodies do NOT lie.

2017-10-29_14-09-25_123With the interest of keeping this blurb to a minimum, I leave you with my newest realization.

Whatever food you eat, ‘diet’ you follow, or lifestyle you lead, the FIRST place that this way of living WILL be successful is in your mind.

If you believe it works, it absolutely will.  You will exactly what you want.

Get right in your mind and you will have success at every turn.



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