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“Clean” Christmas Cookie Swap Shopping List

Did you know that ANY recipe can be made “clean” by adjusting a few key ingredients?

As a trained pastry chef/baker/cake artist, I have worked my way around a kitchen, fell in love with flour, sugar, and butter, and the beautiful combination they create when blended, but I have also had the downfalls of those ingredients.  The late night cravings, the painful inflammation from an autoimmune disease, and the weight.  OH THE WEIGHT!
Last week, I created a quick glimpse into CLEAN baking by teaching my Facebook community about alternative ingredients, ones with less processing, more nutrition, and overall better outcomes for health.  (to see that information, click here to join!!)  The list below is THE LIST of ingredients that I believe will make EVERY cookie, cake, treat, or dessert a BETTER option (let’s face it, dessert is NOT healthy, but it can be more nutritionally-sound ♥).  This post is meant to give you some solid resources to go to, you can take the list and turn it into your local grocery store list, that is up to you!!


Everything listed below is either a brand I LOVE, or something I USE daily in my cooking/baking. I have not listed anything by brands that I have not personally tried and appreciate their quality of product!!


Liquid Stevia:
Pure Maple Syrup:
Raw, Local Honey: (find at local market) or this is one I have tried:


All-Purpose Gluten-free flour:
Paleo Flour blend:
Coconut Flour:


Almond Butter: (make sure it is UNSWEETENED with only almonds as your ingredient!!)
Alternative milks:


Sugar-free chocolate chips:
Collagen Peptides:
Unsweetened Flake Coconut:


Thrive Market: – RECEIVE 25% off your first order!! This is WHERE I get MY FOOD!! I am obsessed with Thrive Market!! They are about 10-20% cheaper than local health food stores and have MANY different options!!
Amazon: I always find my favorite cookbooks on Amazon!! I am a Prime-junkie!!  I also love to listen to Audible on my phone to learn more while cooking!!
Listen to Audible (a great way to LEARN more about your health) – first book is FREE!!