An Unsuspecting Leader

You know that feeling….walking past the school kitchen or teacher’s meeting….the smell of FRESH donuts and Starbucks coffee wafting past your nose….and you KNOW the gut check that happens if you decide to SKIP the regular option of diving in and going with the crowd…


There are no words for the POWER that comes when you take a stand against the norm.  It is like watching one of your students stand up for themselves, or seeing their a-HA moments for the first time….except, you might not always be cheered on or completely accepted for it….

That is okay .

This is WHERE my specialty comes in…1:1 wellness mentoring with a community twist!!

You don’t have to have LONG hours in a gym, especially after tiresome paper-grading and classroom germ patrol.  You just need simplified results, which is what I teach you.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Whats in your cup_ (5)

Hi!  I am Nicky, former Headstart Pre-K educator turned Wellness Maven who works with women just like you.  I am a champion of simple changes and small wins to set goals and STICK to them.  Within my community, you will find my support and check-ins, but also tools for meal creation, 30 minute or less at-home fitness, and LOTS of improved confidence and dedication to FILLING YOUR OWN CUP.

You don’t need fancy, you just need a system…this is YOUR system.  From one teacher to another, this is absolutely classroom-approved, time-saving, and easy (remember that part about simplified??) to fit into your daily schedule….we already get told WHEN to eat, are we really going to be told WHAT to consume, as well??

If this speaks to your donut-fed teacher heart, click HERE and apply already!!  Summer break is RIGHT around the corner.  I always made my summers have a goal of getting my eating under control, with all that time, it was bound to happen, right??  NO.  It never happened because summer is FUN and for TRAVEL.  Let’s do the habit-creation NOW.

It’s your turn. You put up with tons.

Heart to heart, I’m here for you. This is my calling, babe ♥.


Apply here ♥

♥In this easy to follow, always open group, i’ll show you how to go from pulling your hair out, to an empowered attitude and adapt a “happy to be here” life, in and out of the classroom, including nutrition and fitness, and become an energized human being.

♥Building STAR confidence in voice, power, strength, and groundbreaking choices in life.

♥No school lunches, no restriction of meals and entire food groups, no gyms, no lost time, no yoga motivation guru studios, no diet, and no contract or full-time commitments! Cancel anytime!

Bring on the summer vacation, babe, you are already rocking that tank top and LOVING the mirror!!



Nicky and Spice

Apply here ♥


♥You will get 30 days to try it out, and if you don’t like it, simply let me know in the 30 days, and you’ll get your money back! (RESULTS ARE YOURS TO KEEP ♥)

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