Are Pepperoni Slices KILLING your Spring Break Jive?

Listen, I get it.  You get served the same rotation of “healthy” classroom snacks each afternoon, and NOTHING (I literally mean, NOTHING) is as exciting as the precipice that is SPRING BREAK.

It almost feels like a mythical creature that you cannot grasp…think unicorn here ♥

The kids are wild.  The breaks are nonexistent.  The pay seems WAYYY tooooo lowwww to be considered average wage, yet, you have a calling, you have a giving heart, and you want to eat that damn pepperoni, already!

I want to share a little secret with you babe, ME, tooooo!!  I was there.  Last Spring, snacks galore, classroom storage FILLED to the brim with ALLLL the goodies that make preschool magical. . . . marshmallows, graham crackers, popcorn, and Fruit Loops.  You name it, we HAD it…shoved in there for a Pinterest activity-on-a-whim at any beck and call.

You know what else??  I ate it.  I didn’t care.  I needed escape and RELIEF from some major stress of the moods BEFORE a holiday break…(can I get an AMEN here???)

What is killing your SPRING BREAK JIVE__

3 Not-SO-Cute habits teachers acquire thanks to the Spring Break Countdown

  • Spiral into a PIZZA-coma FRENZY – I mean, two pepperoni are NEVER enough.  I want a few slices, if we are being honest….and, THAT is NOT cute when the heartburn or gut bloat hang around for a few days after break commences!!
  • This, enough said:  “The cured meat is high in saturated fat and sodium, and it contains protein, but it doesn’t supply large doses of essential nutrients.” (found here) Think NITRATES + LOW-QUALITY Fat = Next stop:  INFLAMMATION City
  • Start eating other CRAP – I like to think of these simple closet foods as GATEWAY drugs into HEAVIER junk binges..right??  It is VACATION-time, afterall….and, YOU DID earn it with ALL of those full-moon cringe-worthy behaviors and parent-teacher conferences for the second time this year!!  ENOUGH!  Pass me the OREOS!! ♥

But, you know what??  I got you, TEACHER BABE!!!

I want you to have EXACTLY what you need to KICK the junk bug to the curb and start to RESIST your temptations while on the school grounds…I am creating an email newsletter JUST FOR YOU, totally free!!  Just drop your details below…….first edition, 5 FREE and EASY hacks to SWEETENING UP your Spring Body from HOME!!

Thanks for letting me hang and jive with you today!! 


Nicky and Spice

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