Allow Myself to Introduce…..Myself

Okay, if you know the movie this title quote is from, can I GIVE YOU A HIGH FIVE???!!!

2017-11-14_11-47-19_579I am Nicky, you could have guessed that much.  And, unlike any other introduction I have shared before, this one is NOT rainbows and unicorns….it is TRUTH in a nutshell.  I believe in making a GREAT first impression!!

Let’s preface this by saying this will LEGIT only cover the last 5 years, because THOSE 5 years have been a doozy!!  Also, I FEEL like THAT is when I FINALLY came ALIVE!!  120 pounds GONE, PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION no longer welcomed (or needed), new careers and STAYING HOME to work on a business that GIVES others freedoms, PLUS a dog, a husband, and a few tropical trips….IT ALL HAPPENED IN THESE 5 YEARS.

So, circa-2013 Nicky weighed in at 303 pounds, was dead-set on a mission to LOSE WEIGHT, and fought rheumatoid arthritis like a beast!!  I worked out in pajama pants, because I didn’t own actual workout clothes.  I counted calories like pennies in my piggy bank because it was the ONLY way that made sense to my boredom&EMOTIONAL-eating-machine of a brain….plus, it was an EFFECTIVE AF way to stay in DEFICIT!!


This is me.  I ate my feelings, and everything and anything else I wanted because I could, because I didn’t want to face emotions, and because I lacked any kind of self-worth when it came to health.  I was a TOTAL sweeper-under-the-rugger.

But, it got better.  Something CLICKED in 2013, and I STARTED to kick ass in the weight loss world.  I dropped 85 pounds that year……YES!!  (but, not good enough for my perfection-seeking mindset, so I dropped off the bandwagon and put my health aside)

During 2014, I was also switching careers from the pastry chef world of sugar to the world of preschool teaching and wrangling.  I was new to this education-front, and THAT caused a lack of self-esteem and confidence, PLUS, there were some pretty shitty coworkers to deal with, and it got to me hard.

2018-04-01_07-22-34_446By my second year of teaching, however, I had fallen BACK in love with the thrill of TRYING to lose weight…and, I was BACK!!  2015 was a year of my comeback and SOOOO much yaaassss that I couldn’t contain the excitement…I had to branch out to HELP OTHERS!! So, I did just that.  I started online communities where I led others to do what I was doing, to gain their own confidence back, and to change their wellness through food….this fired me up to just PUSH myself more—-enter in the Whole30 of November 2015—–the ONLY Whole30 that will ever matter to me…..the one that taught me WHAT FREEDOM REALLY TASTES LIKE!!  Just a few days in, battling MONO at the time, I dug my heels in deep and followed the elimination of all the different foods I had once LIVED ON AND LOVED deeply….and, you know what??  I didn’t have the aches and pains that I used to sleep with every single night.  NO morning joint swelling.  NO locked, trigger fingers.  NO aching knees.  None of it.  I started lessening my prescriptions.  One pill per day of each prescription, until POOF! they were all gone.  That was a Tuesday.  That was almost 126 weeks ago.  That was GOLD.

Now, pushing into 2016 and 2017, I found more DRIVE in my little fit communities and I also was finding LESS love in my teaching career.  I knew it would be a short-lived dream, and that is okay.  Sometimes we do not realize OUR POTENTIAL when we set the sail in a direction.  Teaching at a non-profit taught me to REALLY question the motives of higher ups, and I didn’t like that.  I do not intend to let my life be a guessing game of who is out to get this person or that one, so that environment and I were quickly dwindling, YET, I LEANED into my communities for support and more strength….and it worked!!  I had pushed past the 100-pounds-lost mark and it just kept climbing! I was changing my life while helping those others change theirs….it felt too good to be true to KNOW people so simply because we all use simple workouts to change our outlook on life??  NO.  It was NEVER about the workouts, it was MORE about the friendship.  Some came and went, some didn’t believe, but some stuck and THOSE are my friends.  Those are the ones I didn’t know I needed.  Those are my believers ♥


Here is the truth:  I am far from perfect.  I am far from figuring it all out.  But, I have heart.  I have worked REALLY hard on figuring myself out—-every single day, it is a journey, never a destination that I am completely satisfied with…..I have some goals to accomplish.  Each day has been a gift.  This is a gift I like to spread and awareness is priceless.  It is more than food and workouts, this is a mindset.  This is a lifestyle.  This is truly GOLD. 2018 is still YOUNG.  You got this, babe.

I want to hear from you, and gift you 5-days of MENTALITY Makeover ideas to GET YOU right where you want to be (weight, health, nutrition, movement) are worth THIS. Don’t stop before it gets good. ♥



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