Grass is Greener

As I sit here, listening to the sound of two different neighbors mowing their lawns, I am overcome with the idea of hustle, breath, and fascination of pride.


I am no expert, and absolutely NOT a gardener or even have anything CLOSE to a green thumb, so I take both of these instances as SHEER love of something outside of the normal daily routine.  I also am not a professional at KNOWING what it is like to be a male in their 60’s-70’s, retired after many years in different professions, but I am a work-at-home wellness coach, who did retire from her teaching position at the age of 34–so, I will share what I am seeing here…

My husband and I are not the types who are concerned with a perfectly manicured anything….sure, we like nice things (most humans do), but we are not consumed with being flashy, having brand new vehicles, or even worrying about the perfection that exists when our yard is trimmed exactly 3/4″ (I am making this up. I don’t know if it is actually a “thing!”).  We enjoy experiences more, and time the most.  With that in mind, my husband (over the last few years) hired a local company to come mow our yard.  So, they come, they mow, the clean up, they leave.  We do not have to mow our yards after his night shifts, worry about what it will look like if we go on a trip for a week, or hustle to get it done before it rains…..he pays a fee to have that guilt, stress, and TIME freedom taken care of for us.

My point is precisely this…..and, I am mostly reminded of this today because I can hear the hummmmmmm of the mowers… have to FIND the truths that make your soul feel alive and DO THEM.  Now, mowing has NEVER been my jam. Ever.  But, it is for my two very different neighbors.  My jam?  Getting my nails done.  You know, I could do them myself (and, I absolutely USED to!! ALWAYS), but now I look at it like a personal investment and dedication to something I LOVE that makes me feel good.  I take pride in my nails (this sounds ridiculous and vain, but it is NO DIFFERENT than my neighbor’s yards, I promise).  I love the expression of creativity with color combinations, and the relaxing atmosphere of pampering my hands, plus it is a quiet reflection time.2018-04-11_12-18-10_264.jpeg

Now, let’s compare this with the yards of my neighbors, shall we?  Both of them eagerly mow their lawn at least once a week, sometimes more frequently, and, as they do so, wear ear-protecting headphones.  I see both neighbors wave at passing cars (we live in a close-knit subdivision, so this is pretty normal), take absolute pride in the appearance of their yards, and spend much of their day managing all that goes along with lawn care. (I promise I am not a creeper, this is absolutely my observation for the past 4 summers — as a teacher, I was off for 3 months, and this is when I started noticing their patterns.)

The facts tell me that my nail-time and their yard-times are one in the same.  Here is why:  WE both are doing something we enjoy, WE both have a quiet reflection time, WE both have something nice to look at thereafter, and the EXPRESSION of creativity is visual with everything looks once it is done.

My overall point is simply this—go find that thing that makes you feel relaxed, spend time on it, own it, swim in it, and do it with joy in your heart.  I don’t know many people that willingly LOVE the nail salon (especially because of the fumes), but it brings me peace.  I guess I could say the same about mowing (the fumes are awful, but that feeling of accomplishment afterwards is precious).  Go find your accomplishment-creating place and DO.

The majorly ironic part of this story is that it is mid-April, and we are supposed to get snow tomorrow….the lawn-mowing seems a bit premature (hahahaha, again, no GREEN THUMB here??!!).



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