Shifting to the GET TO mentality


When I first tried home workouts, I had NO workout gear.  I had asked for a Wii Fit for Christmas in 2009, and it took until January 2013 before I attempted to actually use it like a boss.

That’s right, Wii Fit.  The video game + board.  

And, that is also right, I wore pajama pants and a t-shirt.  I rocked “yoga” wearing my shoes and not understanding how carpet affected the board’s accuracy.  If you would have looked at it, it would have looked a bit hopeless….but, let me explain THAT feeling.

303 pounds left me absolutely at the bottom of the hope train.  I had NO idea HOW I had gotten to that space in my personal willpower, body size, and overall body wellness, but I DID KNOW that it needed to change.  It had to.  My pain, inflammation, digestion, mentality, and body were out of control.  SO, Wii Fit, I did….and I didn’t stop until a year later.

In that year, I learned to switch it up, I tried Wii Zumba.  I started running laps around our basement family room.  I took my dog for outdoor walks.  All of it was powerful and SUCH a change from the completely sedentary life I had led for almost 23 years….I grew up in the video game, after school snack and TV generation.  It was great, but it WAS not healthy.

So, 2014 rolls around, and I am down 85 pounds.  Awesome, except my perfectionist model told me I needed to hit 100, so I stopped.  I felt discouraged.  I felt failed.  I was also going to school full-time, battling rheumatoid arthritis unsuccessfully, and working on a complete career change.

I wasted most of that year.  I didn’t really gain any weight, but I also didn’t really lose any more.  I stayed around 220 forEVER.

When I fast-forward in my mind to July 2015, I cannot imagine my life as ANY other way, but it was NOT always like THIS (the NICKY I am here with you today, is VERY different than that girl who originally picked back up with home workouts in ’15 and found accountability).  She was sooooo unsure of her abilities and power.  She felt like a little mouse, afraid to speak a peep.  She was much quieter and had some negativity to battle through.

Did you know you can workout at home, follow nutrition plans, AND make moolah?

I know!  I didn’t either.  And, if someone would have told me that THAT would be the path of my future, I would have spit my sprinkles and coffee in their face and told them to screw off.

But, here is the deal about WORKING on yourself….it becomes TRULY powerfully addictive, in only the best way.

You get to CHANGE your course of trajectory.  You get to think positively.  You get to dream.  You get to make it happen.  You get to change lives.  You get to FEEL GOOD.

Do you see the theme?


34559911_10155228951752434_3867149013849473024_nI have a get to attitude now, and that was ABSOLUTELY NOT the girl I ever set out to be.  I was a dreader.  A person who hated to be told what to do.  Someone who lingered in the background, gladly letting others take the limelight and shining solo for only myself to see.  Here is the truth…..many of us do this.  We HIDE our greatness because it could mean we have to BE MORE AMAZING than what we are sharing with the world.  I fought this, until I just couldn’t any longer.

Today. Oh, today.  It looks so different.  I am sitting in a coffee shop, headphones in, blogging to you, listening to Wilson Phillips.  I have lost over 100 pounds, quit my full-time job to hold others accountable in their wellness FULL TIME, and I no longer battle rheumatoid arthritis with medication….now I use the power of nutrition as my secret weapon (it is not a secret at all).

So, I ask this one thing as a girl who looks at others a little differently now, what kind of dream do you have??

Would it be worth your own health to help others with theirs?

I bet it would be.

Would it be helpful to earn an extra $200 per month?

I bet it would be.

If you are curious, you need to ask…or just fill this out!!

SN Gold

Apply HERE!!


You won’t regret it.




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