Food vs Fitness

Where are my babes who feel UTTERLY confused??!!

You hear this diet works like this…..

And, that diet works like that….

Eat this, don’t eat that….

Skip the carbs, pump up the cardio…..

Truth is INDIVIDUALITY will always make you have to figure out the BEST plan for your body, but the best news is this: Diets don’t work…..wait, WHAT???!!

How is THAT good news?

Sit here for a second and just let me paint your picture really quickly…..

Meet ME, yo-yo weight loss for the past 5 years, battling autoimmune disease, and really HATING workouts.  I have counted calories, dabbled in removing carbs and increasing fat, hung out with portion-control, and worked my way into a different RELATIONSHIP with food.  Some works.  Scratch that, it ALL works, if you WORK it.  That is true with anything in this life…but, the issue only rears its ugly head when we lean on FOOD as a crutch for some of the underlying crap in our lives (think bad relationships, stress at work, overwhelming feelings of adulting…you get it!).

So, while this is all great and fine, it answers NOTHING, right?  I mean, you already KNOW this part, you have LIVED this part….can I get an AMEN??!!

Truth is, it takes work, every single day.  Work.  That is key.  Mentally SWITCHING from reaching for cookies when I feel sad or stressed or excited to spinach, STILL has not completely taken place, but ONE major shift that HAS happened is the GUILT around that habit.

Like, why do we beat ourselves up for ENJOYING food as a treat instead of simply nourishing our cells.

It isn’t BAD.

Food has no POSSESSION-possibility of behavior, so I think that it starts with QUITTING that–giving food a good or bad rating. Yes, some food WILL be more nutrient-dense, but ALL food serves its purpose, somehow.

The purpose ENDS when we abuse our self-worth because of food. Been there done that, and currently REALLY working my ass off to NOT stray down that path continually… I ask you, what is your current feeling surrounding food?

Answer for yourself. Do you find that your mindset is down if you enjoy ice cream? Do you find yourself unable to stop? Do you punish yourself by only eating salad for the next three days, afterwards?

Again. I feel you! I promise there is change possible because I have done it!

We recently travelled to Indiana for a business trip where the schedule was hectic, food choices were completely OUT of my control, and sleep was bare minimum….all of these are GUARANTEES for weight gain in my body. But, I took control of a few of my daily choices, enjoying EVERY food I ate, and STILL came home losing weight!!

Listen to more below!!


So, what about the scale, fitness, and complete overwhelm???

My advice: choose one, and learn HOW to add it into your daily life.

Hint: this takes discipline and practice. It’s simple to do, but, again, mentally taxing.

Once you’ve conquered one (and, by conquered, I mean get it going–not at your absolute best!), move on to another. Add in some daily movement, walk at the park. Then try a new type of vegetable at the grocery store. Then step on the scale and MEASURE your progress with both that AND a measuring tape.

Side note: scales are vital in understanding HOW your body reacts to what you’re doing. Do not get in a serious relationship with the number on the scale, but DO understand what eating that popcorn last night did to your body’s inflammation over choosing a salad or glass of water.

Another side note: I do NOT mention salad as a punishment, I just LOVE my greens THAT much!! 😎😘

So, if you’re battling the bulge, fighting with your wellness, or truly broken up with your body’s strength to do basic moves like squats or sit ups, I SINCERELY challenge you to find a buddy….someone who can DO this with you. If you need a friend, I am ALWAYS looking for new babes to workout with me!!!

Click HERE to see what I mean!!!

Again, this is ALLLLLL written out of love and MY OWN experiences, so no disrespect or shade thrown!! I just want to break down a little bit of HOW that 125 pounds came off once, and HOW I am on my wellness path to get back on the saddle with my strongest self yet!!!

You rock for reading this far!!


Nicky and Spice


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