The Teachings of Entrepreneurship

2018-08-05_08-49-46_290It took me until I was 32 to really take a stab at WHAT foods should be incorporated into my daily nutrition.

I had no idea that foods were breaking my body.
I had no idea that my beloved favorites were slowly destroying my joints.
I had no idea that life existed for me outside of the “obese” range.

I had no idea.
Except, I did. We all do. There is something to say about being the victim in our own life. I listened to a podcast yesterday where the speaker mentioned this notion that if we all owned the victim-role within our lives, we could accomplish so much more.
That was the slap I needed.

I spent most of August, and even July, in a self-pity, loathing, and fog of worry, which absolutely served no one, and completely made feel like I was losing my mind.

Why do we allow ourselves to fall victim to such action when it takes just as much effort to rise up?

What is so distinguishable about pain over joy or peace? At this point, I prefer peace over any other kind of emotion.
Peace that life is whole.
Peace that life has more to give.
Peace that it will all work out.
Peace that I can trust.


I wish I could write you and say that being an entrepreneur is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I cannot. It is a ride of ups and downs, some we are completely not ready for. I did not hit a big goal in August, and, while it had me stressed out all day Friday, I woke up yesterday completely at peace with it….knowing that my WORTH as a human being does NOT rely on the success level of my business.

I guess if that is what I can share with you today, the journey of self-discovery and moving more into the victim space more often to become the VICTOR in my own life, then being an accountability coach has its absolute benefits (#duh)….I am stronger BECAUSE of my business, and also allowed myself to feel defeated from it….that is an awareness that is noted and ready to be conquered from this day forward.




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