The Beautiful TRUTH that is Toasted Coconut Butter (Manna if you’re fancy ♥)

2018-09-12_18-31-22_934If you have ever dabbled in the world of autoimmune diets, nutrition, protocols, eliminations, or anything related to REMOVING inflammation from your body, there has probably BEEN a time that you stumbled across the fact that peanut butter is an excessively inflammatory food….I, myself, am an enthusiast of the aforementioned butter, and I absolutely know it wreaks havoc on more than just the joint pain I experience from rheumatoid arthritis…it is an entire MINDSET.

For the current month of September, I have vowed to eat relatively clean (following my own version of an elimination nutrition plan) and REMOVE specific foods that cause known inflammation.  I will NEVER admit that peanut butter COULD POSSIBLY be on this personal list (I’m kidding, I KNOW it is!!!), but I wanted to be as transparent and successful as possible, so the golden spoonfuls without mindfulness had to go!

Enter in the BIG bag of Bob’s Red Mill Coconut Shavings I found at our local Smith’s Food for around $3/32 oz….not usually my favorite topping or even ingredient, but I had experienced this thing called coconut butter last fall from Thrive Market, and I KNEW that I could recreate my own version, at a MUCH more cost-effective price!

So, fast forward to last night, when the TWO jars of 365 brand peanut butters are winking me in the face each time I open the fridge.  I decided to break out my frying pan, coconut flakes, and a personal Ninja blender and GET TO WORK.

Toasted Coconut Butter (Manna for my fancies ♥)


Note:  this recipe WILL require you to blend and tweak as you go, so if you have never made your own nut butters, please be patient and KNOW that it will come together!!

1-2 cups unsweetened, shredded coconut (what I used is linked above)

1-2 teaspoons coconut oil

♥At this point, you will want to preheat a medium sized pan on medium-low.  Add in the coconut flakes and move with utensil CONSTANTLYI cannot stress this enough.  The goal is to find a GOLDEN color on your coconut, the moment it starts to change color, remove from heat, it will continue to brown due to heat of pan.

While the coconut is STILL HOT, move carefully to a blender or food processor.  Add in 1 teaspoon coconut oil to get things started.  If your coconut is already MORE on the oily side, you might be able to omit the extra oil, test this individually.  Start to blend.  Move and adjust mixture as needed with scraper.  This part takes patience.  Your butter will come together, if it is completely DRY, add 1/2 teaspoon more oil at a time.  If you would like to make MORE than a small amount of this butter, add more coconut to your mix.  I did about 2 cups total for the small bowl of butter I ended up yielding.

Also, note:  I only toasted about HALF of my total coconut used.

But, really, WHAT you all have been waiting for….

Coconut Cacao Chip Cookie Dough for One


Literally THE EASIEST little recipe that can satisfy a “craving” and LOAD you up on 6g fiber!! (I feel like fiber is the GOLDEN TICKET to all health, so here you go, Charlie!)

1-2 teaspoons melted Toasted Coconut Butter (above)

1 Tablespoon Coconut Flour

1 teaspoon ground flax mixed with 3 teaspoons warm water (let sit for a few minutes)

1 tsp ground cacao nibs (what I have)

Mix the butter and flour together, once flax has “bloomed” add to mix and blend until “dough-like.”

Add in ground cacao and enjoy!!

I love to be able to share these little discoveries with all of you!!  If you aren’t already, you can follow me on Facebook or Instagram…just search Nicky and Spice!!

Happy creating ♥



Toasted Coconut Butter.png

Remember, sharing is caring!!  Feel free to pin this post to save the recipes and share them with others♥♥

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