World Arthritis Day 2018


Welcome to the glimpse of a disease that affects one in four individuals, arthritis.  This disease is personal, local, and worldwide.  So many of us are affected that I wanted to share my peace with today.

First things first, we get to release AWARENESS.

In the sanctity of my life, I NEVER shared about rheumatoid arthritis until I felt I had it “whipped.”  I was medication-free for a week the first time I mentioned to the social world that I was even a warrior.  Are you like this?  Or, do you share your everyday life with arthritis as a platform to actually benefit the world and help grow understanding?

Secondly, we are LIFTING and SUPPORTING others who are like us!!

I am pretty sure this is my favorite part of being on social media, in the first place.  Lifting others up and inspiring them through constant support is my jam.  I don’t blame  you if you are not completely on board with that ideal yet, it is totally okay!!  The more we LEAN IN, the less we feel struggle of going this alone.  I was the person WHO NEVER, (NEVER!!) told people I was battling a disease like rheumatoid arthritis.  I think I felt shame, like it was my fault, and did NOT have any advocacy for a life I had once known.  With some support, after getting brave and just SEEKING others like me through platforms like Facebook and Instagram (hashtags are GOLD, here!!), I was able to really change the landscape of my followers by giving them my story of hope, perseverance, and TENACITY.  Life is so much more beautiful with friends who GET YOU.  Lean in.

Last things last, I love you all and WORLD ARTHRITIS DAY is something we need to TRULY embrace in effort to SHINE OUR LIGHTS.

The world has enough darkness.  This disease (in all of its forms) has enough pain to spread without our light being dimmed by an “uncontrollable” piece of our immune system.  Here is the thing, this post is not meant to promote medication, medication-free, suffering, or succumbing….it is meant to teach us TO THRIVE.  We only thrive with lights on BRIGHT.  SO?  Can you shine brighter for yourself today?  Can you shine a little light on this disease to help your neighbors understand why, what, when, HOW?  That is it.  This can be done from our fingertips, on our phones, in our beds, and relaxing with our designated choice of hot beverage.  You guys!  We are ambassadors.  It doesn’t seem like something WE SHOULD BE proud to represent, but I am DAMN PROUD to battle an autoimmune condition and RAISE AWARENESS that is going to change the world.  That little bit of knowledge will help someone hold the DOOR open for you someday, or say some healing words of encouragment when your spoons seem to be empty, or give you a helping hand when you have groceries that are too heavy to bear into your kitchen.  This is community.  This is World Arthritis Day.  This is living in advocacy for ourselves.  We get what we ask for in the  support category.  Let’s demand the LIGHT we deserve by shining ours brighter so that NO ONE can look the other way.

Do not look down on the battle we are fighting.  Chin up, buttercup.  It is a beautiful life and it DOES have the potential to get better with help, with support, with love, and with light.

43641633_10155479471212434_2289944702436245504_nLights bright, babes.  Arthritis PROUD.  Arthritis STRONG.  Arthritis WARRIOR.  UNITE and BOND over this day.  Smile over this day.  SHINE over this day.  WE DESERVE IT.






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