I want you in my CONFIDENCE CREW

We are on the home stretch for the big 1 – 9 and it feels INSANE to me that we are even at this point in our 2018!!  

Confidence Crew is DROPPING LIKE it is REAL hot!!!

Where did the summer go?  Hell, what about the spring?  WINTER?  Damn.

It literally feels like two weeks ago that I was counting down the days left until my husband and I boarded our planes for Mexico…and that was all the way back in APRIL.  April.

So, needless to say, 2018 has been powerfully FAST.  And, that kind of IS the thing with time, it flies.  And, we KINDA don’t have any say in how that slows down or speeds up to our liking, so we have to ebb and flow with what it gives us…….but, WHAT if we SEIZED MORE of our days?

Like, really.  SEIZE THE SHIT OUT OF THOSE DAYS?  I am serious here.

So many of us walk around letting life happen TO us that we forget to stand tall and take back what we WANT.  WE WANT TO BE ALIVE with confidence, purpose, heart, hope, and fire.  THAT is exactly WHAT I am bringing you in January.  

I am calling it the CONFIDENCE CREW and it is legit a life-HACK community.  Mindset + Wellness – BS excuses + Positivity x a DAILY spiritual WORKOUT = LIFESTYLE.  We are changing our lifestyles and starting with the top down to the bottom.  

For the past three years, I have worked with literally hundreds of women in their health and fitness journeys and I OFTEN (TOO OFTEN!) see people stop before it ACTUALLY gets GOOD for them.  Like, they just stop.  STOP.  And then they run.  It is like none of it ever happened in their world and the damage has already been done.

The ENTIRE point of  the CREW is to CONQUER this cycle.  I am going to ask all of my founding members of this crew to commit to ME for 6 weeks, through the end of February.  And, if they do not FEEL the difference in their LIFE, then they can run and never look back, BUT….I KNOW that is NOT how this story ends!

Do you have some confidence to CONQUER? 
Want to be a part of the founding CREW?
Apply Below!! (or click here)

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