Will you brighten the WORLD with some love?

You guys, I am so excited to be able to partner with a PURPOSEFUL cause this holiday season!!  I have been asked to help spread the word about the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing from The World Needs More Love Letters!!!  Have you ever heard of sending people LOVE LETTERS, just because???!!  (I know, it is a BEAUTIFUL tradition and MORE of this kind of human to human support NEEDS to exist!)

I am a little late to the show, but here goes nothing!!  

From December 3-14 (WE STILL HAVE TIME!!!), The World Needs More Love Letters is rolling out its biggest, grandest, most festive love letter writing campaign of the year! 

For the last 7 years, they have been putting a bow on the holiday season by rolling out 12 letter requests over a span of 12 days. That’s no joke… 12 days, 12 letter requests, and a whole lot of holiday cheer. 

The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing is a perfect way for you to show up this season and help people in need around the world. Grab your friends or classmates, kids or students, and rally together to bring some goodwill into the world this December. All you need is some stationery and a few stamps. 

Each day, we will publish a new letter request to the More Love Letters blog. Write one letter or submit a note to all 12 bundles! The choice is yours! All letters should be postmarked by December 20, 2017. Your love letters will be bundled up with other letters from across the world and delivered by the new year!

So pour some hot cocoa, pull out your most festive cards, and join us on social media for a letter writing marathon starting December 3! 

Can we SHOW UP for this cause and send some TRUE festive cheer??  DUH!!!

Let’s get WRITING!!!  Head over to this SITE—–> 
to learn HOW you can share in the cheerful festivities, and THANK YOU (always) beforehand for brightening someone else’s world today!!  The holidays are such a beautiful time to show up, share love, and REALLY be tuned into HOW we can LIFT another’s life!! 
Happy Pen-Palling babes!




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