Consider yourself BLOCKED.

Can we just address this for a minute? (and I will keep it brief…..)

Have you ever encountered keyboard ninjas?

I LOVE to keep the peace and really display a very positive aspect of my life on the internet, but I am going to touch on this topic, because the deeper I dive into sharing my truths, passions, and individual empowerment with OTHERS, the CLOSER I come to hatred and negativity.

I strongly believe that this is a test of the wills to conquer another mountain and REALLY focus on the mission at hand, but DANG! if it doesn’t sting.

I have to preface this by saying that the haters have been very mild…..telling me that my story is not true, and misunderstanding my use of the exclamation point….but, with the words in the title, plus a few expletives, about 15 minutes ago, just that happened…all because of some exclamations points and personal doubt.

One thing I want to REALLY drive home if you are a person who is attempting to make life changes and transform your current circumstances, PEOPLE WILL DOUBT YOU…they will question, scoff, try to invalidate, and send you their fear.  Where you will meet support, you will also meet those who cannot fathom what you are trying to do and they will use that as fuel to either really tell you off, or try to rain on your parade.

Don’t let them.

In the words of Ariana Grande….”Thank you, NEXT.”

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