Does your MINDSET kill your vibes??!

Hey SWEET babe!!


It has been LONG TIME NO TALK!! Well, let’s change that real quick, yeah??


So, I have been REALLY interested in mindset lately, and WHAT can be done to overcome some of the CRAP that goes on up there……and, this is what I have found:

❤ It is not only NOT our fault, but we HAVE THE POWER to change how we feel…..
❤ There are AMAZING RESOURCES available (FOR FREE!) to boost our mindsets and live the life we actually WANT to step into…..
❤ LIFE is an awesome GIFT that we absolutely GET TO live…, let’s start living, right???!!
I wanted to also share a few quick resources that I find helpful. I had a new friend share this website with me recently, and the daily emails are more than helpful, they just FEEL like they come at the right time….do you know what I mean??!! If you would like a helpful boost, you can enroll in their free emails here:
Next, I find WRITING OUT my crap is very helpful….this looks like dumping all the lies, truths, worries, struggles, and excitements OUT ON PAPER, at least once a week. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or even organized, it just has to happen. The more clarity you can find by removing some stored up junk, the more your mindset can start to shift. Try it out….take a sheet of paper and title it WEEKLY BRAIN DUMP…then just start writing exactly what comes to mind…anything that is bogging you down. Once you start, you will see what I mean, things will just flow out!!
Lastly, books. And, I mean BOOKS!! Books have changed my entire being. They are the reason I feel so moved to even share an ounce of this information with you. Self-development is not an easy thing to ADMIT we need in our lives….we don’t want to feel broken, scared, confused, lonely, unsure, intimidated, or even less than confident, but we OFTEN ARE….and, like I said above, it’s not our fault. We are at the mercy of EVERYTHING we are fed by social media, regular media, popular culture, friends, family, coworkers, bosses, EVEN our past selves….so, the focus has to be to accept THAT and move forward with something that makes us feel good. It can be a daily moment in your bible or belief of choice….maybe you watch YouTube videos (like the one below) that fire you up, or you listen to some uplifting podcasts….or, YOU DIVE HEART-FIRST into some books….(I will share a few of my favorites below and their overall intention, too!!)
Check out this FIRED UP video:
Here is a quick list of books that WILL change your life if you let them:


You Are a Badass, Everyday – and – You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

These are ALL the powerHOUSE books I have read. I will state, I have read many more (MANY!) but these are essentials that will speak to EVERY human who is battling just that, BEING HUMAN. I absolutely encourage you to try these titles out (and even find them from your local library!)….to see what you think. I would start from the top, and work your way down!! Each book is a different concept, but VERY vital for the growth and development of personal confidence, badassery, and overall LIFE freedom. I hope they find you WELL.
Thank you for letting me come into your world on this gorgeous day!! Enjoy the rest of today, tomorrow, and next Thursday!! You rock!!



PS…if you want to hang with me daily, CLICK HERE to see what is happening in the Confidence Crew!!!




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