When HARD is exactly WHAT you need to move you…

“When life is hard, we give up on what we really believe in.”

OUCH.  I heard this statement a few weeks ago within a mindset community I am a part of.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I have read this statement for the last few weeks and admitted to myself, more than once, that I have ABSOLUTELY given up on a few things over the past few “hard” years.  Isn’t it the easiest space to quit?  On ourselves, our goals, our dreams, our hopes, our wishes?

44754600_1966090650138813_4255010077078978560_nToday marks 188 weeks without medication for rheumatoid arthritis, and it has honestly been a huge “belief” I am currently battling.  Is this story “worth it” to share any longer?  Do other warriors actually have “hope” for themselves?  Am I being completely myself in associating as a rheumatoid arthritis warrior in the first place, because I feel more connected to the life I live now than the hell I used to live while in the thickest piece of my battle?

My story has been met with TONS of kindness and wonder, but also push-back and doubt.  The WORK it takes to get to the med-free zone is a space many people are NOT comfortable going, whether it is the investment of time, money, energy, or trial and error, something brings doubt when it is not a “quick fix.”  I have a constantly evolving opinion on this topic, because I am constantly learning of others like me who live without medication, who have figured out their bodies, who have healed emotionally, and who thrive physically….it is possible, yet the worry, fear, and stronghold of medication that works half-time, at best, takes the lead.  And, I will never blame them.  I was them.  I sat on what I actually ended up doing for WAYYYYY longer than five minutes…..it was a choice that took me quite a few years to decide.

But, this is not about that.  This is about giving up on what we believe….and the powerful way it can completely transform your life to NOT stop giving AF.  HOW, though?

Well, the best way I can THINK it to describe it here is that “HARD” is when I MUST armor up and get in the trenches to really prove to myself that I came here to conquer this one and done life….I am not here to just lollygag and party with the warriors who made it through to the end, I am the warrior, so I must OWN that fight and continue my battle.  

I am here for my best life. I am here to lead a legacy.  I am here to shine brighter so others know it is okay to shine, too.  I am here to enlighten, empower, and embolden the ones who feel dull, lackluster, and small.

All of that starts within.  It starts with morning quiet time, hot coffee, a notepad and pen, and my mindset driving the best information out, the liveliest ideas in, and continuing to shine for others so they KNOW it is possible for them, too.

“Success is our moral and ethical obligation.” –Josh Coats

I believe I was GIVEN the story I live with to share with the world.   I believe this about all humans, but not all humans will tap into this gift.  My gift is my story, it is my ability to share, it is my power to allow you to see yourself in the pages of what you read, it is the process of becoming that grants you permission to do the same.

If our story is THIS powerful, why do we keep it under lock and key and feel like it is meaningless?

That is the current road to battle I am on.  Will you stick with me?


Nicky and Spice

PS….this is something that will change your life….my exact course of action with RA lined out in a reboot:

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