Kitchen (On Demand) Online Cooking Bootcamp Membership

kitchen (on demand)

Welcome to your chance to LEVEL UP in YOUR kitchen.

Kitchen (On Demand) is an online space hosted by Nicky Flores of @nickyandspice

Within this community, you will have access to a growing library of sizzling recipes, entertaining cooking tutorials, and exceptional culinary tips from a professional pastry chef.

You get full-ACCESS of this cultivated community with monthly membership.  Each month, there will be one live Q&A session (30 minutes) that you can attend and get PRO tips on-the-spot.

This space is meant to help you grow your love of being inside your kitchen, take ownership of your nutrition, and expand the possibilities of your flavor palette…all from the tip of your fingers and comfort of your pajamas.  

Each month Kitchen (On Demand) will have:

  • FRESH new content based on the season of flavors available, plus holidays and events
  • a fresh e-book including BRAND-SPANKING-NEW recipes that will be added for you to download and KEEP for life

Membership is:

  • Monthly, auto-renew, with no obligation to continue…KEEP everything from the months you are a member
  • Cancel anytime, because NOBODY likes feeling stuck in a subscription
  • Special FIRST-TIME membership introductory price of $25 (US) 
  • After your first month, membership is $39/month, with no need to re-enroll or lose access!!

Subscribe below and become one of our founding members!! 

The first 100 members receive a FREE bonus digital wellness guide!! 

Click below to get access!


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