It is a gift.

Do you ever wonder EXACTLY why certain things happen to you in your life?

The job loss.
The diagnosis.
The friendship that fell apart.
The doubters, naysayers, haters.
The circumstances.
The pain.

Sure, in the forefront, it is freaking painful.  It stings.  It leaves us stuck, frozen, and without the will to push…but, it also heals us, grows us, and gives us a strength that would not have existed without living THROUGH these moments.  That is the gift.

God wants us to live into our greatness.  The same greatness He believes can shine from us.  But, that often gets clouded by circumstance, doubt, and disbelief.

What if everything in our life is happening FOR us?

To build us up.
To give us story.
To allow us to teach.
To branch out of our circle.
To step into abundance.

The judgment we feel for ourselves and others is a separation from the love we have been blessed into from the universe.  You don’t have to believe in anything other than your ability to try, and miracles will happen.  What kind of power is that?  It literally makes me so freaking excited to be alive.

The truth of our existence is this:  We are here for a very short time on this planet to do things that will either lift the world up or tear it down.  Our time is not known, nor is it definite, so it is vital that we act with urgency on the important tasks that will allow us (and the world around us) to live with the best this life has to give.  That clock is ticking.  So, whether you want to believe that the disease diagnosis is the worst luck and you cannot believe that it is happening TO you, OR you feel called to share the miracles that are happening in your day right now, believe it.  One will grant you a lot more peace and drive to make BIG things happen, but choice is our human right.

My controversial belief is this:  I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis as a gift.  It was “gifted” to me to show the world what is possible.  I became a wellness coach to lift others how I always wanted to be lifted, and through that vehicle, I found so many personal health freedoms, including the tenacity to attempt living without prescription medications.

Rheumatoid arthritis could have been my downfall.  

But, my vision and purpose on this planet is to continue to thrive through challenges and know that these mountains are here for me to help guide others through their own paths to the top.  We get to live this life.  WE GET TO.  It is not a punishment. It is a blessing and an honor.  EVEN ON OUR WORST DAYS.  So, instead of feeling victimized and judging yourself for things that have happened, haven’t happened, or are still on the cusp of happening, what about reaching into the space of love and taking a moment to just lean into grace.  Grace guides healing, and healing repairs the brokenness.  That healing will change everything.

So, while it may feel tight, and painful, and hopeless….KNOW that it is a moments-away choice that can change everything.  The thought to switch how you feel is within your own power, ability, and toolkit.  You have the ability, use it, trust it, believe in it.  Without it, the world feels a lot more lonely, disconnected, and dark.  Be a light to yourself and it will help shine some brightness for someone else.



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