7 TIPS for YOUR healthiest LIFE, yet! Happy 2020!!

Copy of How Geeking Out Attracts your PEEPS 8_8_19 (1).pngShe is HERE, and SHE IS ROARING!!

Welcome to 2020!!  The time is flashing by, but there are simple and EFFECTIVE hacks that I am going to LAY OUT below to guide you into your healthiest YEAR ever!

You don’t need to scroll for hours, do you?  Hear all the reasons WHY these tips WILL change your life?  Learn the history of WHY I THINK…blah, blah, blaaaaahhhh…..


Let’s do this, shall we??!

Kicking off a brand-new year can be FULL of expectation, but let’s just reframe this as any other DAY or MONTH….because it could be JULY when you read this, and I want to ensure that THESE HACKS will be relevant no matter if you implement them on a Monday, the 1st of the month, or in January.

Healthy Hack #1:  Check YO Java

Have you ever wanted to just dive face-first into that whipped cream heaven that has perfect chocolate sprinkles, foamy, creamy decadence, and the bittersweet coffee bite that absolutely MAKES your morning?

Me, too. A lot.

The Drive-Thru is not doing you any favors.  In this VIDEO (CLICK HERE), I explain the SIMPLEST HACK I have ever shared.  It is FREE, will CHANGE YOUR MUFFIN TOP, and gives you some dollars BACK in your wallet!

Healthy Hack #2:  Swap the MOO 

OOOoooh, I will be UNPOPULAR for this one.  But, TRULY, hear me out.  Ground turkey, while NOT ground beef, IS TOTALLY SWAPPABLE for the same recipes.



The biggest tip I can offer, make your recipes identical to HOW you are used to, except cook that meat a little longer (dry it out!) and add a pinch more salt.  Ground turkey is LEAN, which means that flavor is not coming from FAT, like it is in ground beef.  Cooking it on medium, with a little extra dash of sea salt is a GREAT way to lighten up your life and create meals the whole family can enjoy.  Just do it.  EYE ROLL CAN COMMENCE!

Healthy Hack #3:  Move YOUR body

You guys!  I told you these HACKS are STUPID SIMPLE….and I meant it.  If you have a minute, you CAN and WILL WANT TO do this next tip….NOW…..like, RIGHT NOW.

Watch MORE of what I mean here!

(click above to HEAR the hack!)

Can you COMMIT to yourself for this one?? SAY YES!

Healthy Hack #4:  WRITE it out

Screenshot 2020-01-02 at 7.24.32 PM

I am taking on something I have NEVER (in all of my years of clean eating!) done…..meal planning.  It is the second day of the year and I can tell you that I am avoiding this one the most…..but, HERE WE GO!

Writing out your meals PRIOR to actually eating (and after, too–TRACKING IS A KILLER HACK for your progress!), allows you to shop for the foods you actually are intending to consume.

This hack is ALLLLLL about setting intentions and FOLLOWING THROUGH.

Click HERE to download your copy of this free weekly meal planner.

Healthy Hack #5:  Eat BEFORE you GRAB the Cart

Eating BEFORE you march into the entryway of any superfluous grocery story lobby is just good juju….for you, for your fellow shoppers, and for the blessed soul behind the register….EAT SOMETHING BEFORE YOU SHOP.


I don’t say this because you are a HANGRY beast.  Although, you might be.  I say this because YOU WILL SAVE CASH by eating first.  Do not go hungry to any store where food is being sold TO YOU at every turn.  End caps, displays, and store sales PROMOTE all the processed foods and STEALS that you need to leave in the dust.

By eating before you go, you can avoid the junk and just buy what is on your list.  Speaking of lists, did you grab that FREE MEAL PLANNER above?  (if not, click here!)

So, to save yourself the cost of extra junk around your waist or in your cart, EAT something before you leave your house, have a list, and, better than anything, KNOW what meals you are preparing this week!

Healthy Hack #6:  PREP like Rachel Ray

2020-01-02_20-45-42_504 (1).jpeg

Okay, like, NOT really…but, sort of.

I have a much better grasp on that (aforementioned) meal planning when I have some basics prepared and READY within my fridge.

Did you know you can pre-“bake” potatoes and use them in meals throughout the week.  Have you ever tried making baked potatoes in your Instant Pot?  DO IT.

Washed and prepared vegetables or already-prepared vegetables like baby carrots are super helpful in a pinch.

The overall idea of prep is to MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER.  Instant Pot hard-boiled eggs are WORTH the investment (easiest PEEL of my life!)…..make this WORK for you.  Shop for easy to use foods that are fresh, whole, and frozen without added ingredients!  Produce is LIFE.

For my friends who do not LOVE to prep, you can try at-home meal delivery services like Hello Fresh!! Make it easier on yourself by doing the PRIOR planning and having the food FOR YOU when you need it.

Healthy Hack #7:  Surround yourself with SUPERHEROES

The last hack is all about WHO you surround yourself with.  Now, we all know the truth THAT you cannot choose family, and sometimes EVEN IF you would choose them through thick and thin (DUH!), they might not be the most supportive for your healthier goals, intentions, or drive.

HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED. (click the link!)

One hyphenated word:  SUPER-HERO
Another word, super simple:  SUPPORT

Do you have it?  This is a chance to look AT the overall situation of WHAT you want to DO this year…..and, APPLY yourself in a space that WILL NOT give up on you.  IT WILL REMAIN OPEN, IT WILL REMAIN STEADY, IT WILL REMAIN CONSTANT….and, it has me to lead it to the BEST of what is possible in YOUR HEALTH.  Those are odds I don’t ever leave up to a flaky friend or family member.

So, if you are done fugging around, LET’S ROCK some SUPERHERO accountability together.  SEE YOU INSIDE THE CREW!!!

Again, don’t do this alone.  GET YOUR SUPERHERO CREW in check….HERE!!


That is IT!!  What are you still doing here???  (kidding!!!  I freaking love you for STILL being here!)  Are you open to these ideas?  Will these ideas transform the body you are currently sitting in?  Will these ideas transform your willpower or drive??

HONESTLY?  I cannot tell you YES or NO.  YOU have the power to make that happen.  DO NOT forget it.



If you need extra love…..get with me in the CREW!!!

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