The list of SUPPLEMENTS I take on a daily basis

7oUlaBZ9Qzyy64z3RSKwzgI have had an overwhelming response to this information, which I originally shared on my IG feed this past week.

I was surprised, because all of these INGREDIENTS are a part of the daily smoothie I have talked about for the past four years.

I am sharing this as a quick GUIDE for anyone who wants to look DEEPER into supplements and pricing … our immune systems CAN be strengthened, and living with a wellness-based mindset is a huge step that boosts it immediately.

Awareness breeds action, and action changes the world.

Here is the list:

MACA ROOT:  (1 lb. of maca root $30.00)

Increases energy, decreases anxiety and depression and improves cognitive function.

ASTRAGALUS ROOT: (1 ounce $12.00)

Combats stress, prevents memory loss and reduces fatigue.

ASHWAGANDHA: (1lb $11.00)

Combats anxiety and stress and enhances brain function.

CORDYCEPS: (100g bag is $21.00)

Protects the brain.

REISHI MUSHROOM: (1lb $32.00)

Improves anxiety and depression, enhances the immune system, helps you sleep and enhances your brain.

HOLY BASIL: (1lb $25.00)

Lowers stress and anxiety.

SCHISANDRA: (1oz $20.00)

Combats stress, increases energy, improves mental health.

GINKGO: (2.2 lbs bag $35.00)

Neuroprotective and helps improve cognition, acts as a natural antidepressant and inhibits anxiety, has a positive effect on your mood, an anti-stress agent and prevents fatigue.




Helps Aid with weight loss, carries anti-cancer properties, lowers cholesterol, helps asthma, reduces blood pressure and cardiovascular disease




High in BCAAs, Vegan, Hypoallergenic, helps you stay full, low in carbs, helps fight allergies, gluten free, high in arginine which helps the heart and increases blood flow to muscles.  FODMAP friendly which helps IBS, loaded with magnesium.



SACHA INCHI: (1 lb $20.00)


Rich in Omega 3’s and protein. Controls cholesterol, fights stress, improves brain function, fights diabetes, improves vision and bone, helps with joint pain and healing, healthy for skin and hair production.



CHIA: (12 oz bag, $8.00)


Helps with weight loss, high in omega 3’s, lower risk of heart disease, high in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and protein all good for bone health. Reduces blood sugar levels, reduces chronic inflammation, loaded with antioxidants.


FLAX: (1 lb $6.00)


Protective against breast, prostate and colon cancer. High in Omega 3s which are have hearty healthy effects, high on lignan’s and fibers. Lowers blood pressure, improves blood sugar levels, decreases inflammatory levels.


QUINOA: (1lbs $5.00)


Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral anti-depressant, anti-cancer effects. High in Fiber, helps control Blood sugar levels, contains iron and magnesium, high in antioxidants and helps with weight loss.


CAMU CAMU (3oz $18.00)


Helps with arthritis, asthma, cold sores, common colds, depression, glaucoma, chronic fatigue, gum disease, headaches, and shingles. Increases energy and maintains health gums, skin and eyes. An antioxidant and immune stimulant.


ACEROLA CHERRY: (8 oz bag $20.00)


It is rich in vitamin C, contains riboflavin, niacin, Vitamin A and thiamine.  Fights the common cold, tooth decay, gum infections, depression collagen disorders and improves physical endurance.


BILBERRY: (1lb $63.00)


Improves eyesight, helps with chronic fatigue, hemorrhoids, diabetes, osteoarthritis, gout, skin infections, GI disorders, kidney disease and UTI’S.

LYCIUM BERRY: (1lb $17.00)


Help with calmness, improves sleep, helps with weightless, improves athletic performance and gives a feeling of well-being.


GREEN TEA: ($5.00)


Improves brain function, increases fat burning, improves physical performance, lowers risk of cancers from the antioxidants, protects brain from Alzheimer’s, helps fight dental infections, lowers risk of type 2 Diabetes, reduces risk of Cardiovascular disease, helps with weight loss and lowers cholesterol.


LUO HAN GUO: (6 grams $20.00)


Promotes weight loss, fights allergies, provides anti-aging properties, provides anti-inflammatory properties, improves heart health, helps control diabetes. Immunity booster.




Strengthens brain, cleanses the body from toxins, reduces risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, stimulates immune system, helps reduce inflammation, lowers blood pressure, helps with upset stomachs. Menopausal hot flashes, conjunctivitis and osteoarthritis.


ROSE HIPS: (1lb $18.00)


Fights the common cold, helps with intestinal diseases, lowers urinary tract and kidney disorders, rich in vitamin C, helps with gout, sciatic, weight low, high blood pressure, increasing blood flow to the limbs and helps quench thirst.





Helps the heart, lungs and kidneys, helps prevent cancers, helps with eye sight




Antioxidant, helps protect cells from damage, gives you energy, fights the common cold, helps eyesight and reduces risk for cardiovascular disease.




Helps cognitive brain function, fights heart disease, cancers and helps with eyesight.


MORINGA: (1lb $17.00)


Rich in antioxidants, lowers blood sugar levels, reduces inflammation, lowers cholesterol, may fights against arsenic toxicity


CHLORELLA: (1lb $30.04)


Helps decrease cholesterol, antioxidant. Source of protein, fats, carbs, vitamins and fiber.


SPINACH: (1 bag $4.00)


Diabetes management, cancer prevention, asthma prevention, lowers blood pressure, promotes bone health and promotes digestive regularity, helps with skin and hair.


KALE: (1 bag $3.00)


Fights diabetes, heart disease, cancer. Promotes digestion, bone health and health skin and hair.



MATCHA: (1lb $20.00)


Boosts metabolism, burns calories, detoxifies the body, calms the mind and relaxes the body, rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins, prevents disease, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol


CHAGA: (2oz bag $9.00)


Reduces inflammation, boosts immune system, enhances liver health, fights viruses. Helps prevent some forms of cancer


YACON ROOT: (1lb $20.00)


Helps with weight loss, reduces cholesterol and triglycerides, improves digestive health


CHICORY ROOT: (1lb $14.00)


Good source of insulin, prebiotic fiber, helps with weight loss and improves gut health. helps with brain function



BACILLUS COAGULANS: (30 tablets $12.00)


Helps with IBS, crohns, ulcerative colitis. Prevents respiratory infections, improves immune system, helps prevent cancer


AMYLASE: (1lb $12.00)


Digestive enzyme, helps break down starches


CELLULASE: (25 g $40.00)


Breaks down simple sugars


GLUCOAMYLASE: (500 mL $30.00)


Digestive enzyme, helps us absorb nutrients and increases energy



ALPHA-GALACTOSIDASE: (120 tablets $8.00)


Aids in digestion, reduces intestinal gas, complex carb intolerance, fights against disease.


INTERTASE: (2oz $6.00)


Helps digest sugars, prevents human disease, helps with anti-aging and physical rejuvenation.


COCOA POWDER: (8oz $14.00)


Anti-inflammatory antioxidant, protects body against cardiovascular disease, improves your blood circulation and lowers risk of stroke.




=rough estimate of costs are almost $600 if you buy them all separately and add them to your own smoothies.


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After an OVERWHELMINGLY surprising response to the lists of supplements I take on a daily basis, I made a quick video to explain more.
While NOTHING has been proven to CURE any autoimmune disease, we are all intelligent enough to know that swapping healthier habits into our lifestyle HAS ALARMING benefits.
One major area I do not “skimp” on my personal health is in my daily supplement routine. This is the easiest meal of my day. And, it tastes like a smoothie from the food court, without the junk, or attitude behind the counter 😎🤣👌🏻 #autoimmunewarrior #rheumatoidarthritiswarrior #rawarrior #supplementsthatwork #healingjourney #foodismedicine #inflammationrelief #rasucks

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If you would like to discuss more,
send me a quick email requesting info!!

I hope this finds you well and proves helpful!! 
Keep shining!



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