Getting more connected during this Season

Hello warriors!

Today, I want to share some simple resources and connect you to a space that CAN provide simple answers and support during this trying time.

Many of us are in a space of uncertainty.  We feel concerned, unsure, and maybe even confused about how we are supposed to proceed with the different “stay home,” “shelter in place,” “self-quarantine,” and “social distancing” that is currently taking place.

First and foremost, we have an opportunity to FIND community in online spaces.  Today, I want to highlight the Live Yes! Arthritis Network from the Arthritis Foundation.  I wanted to share a fantastic resource that is essential to our personal journey with arthritis:  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO STAY UPDATED ABOUT COVID-19 FROM THE ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION!!

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I was in my late twenties when the onset of autoimmune disease showed up in my life.  I didn’t know what was going on. I considered myself relatively healthy. I felt ashamed, scared, and like it was all a bad dream.  I was an adult at diagnosis, and I lacked resources and community.  I am also an adult that learned she REALLY loves community!!  This is an opportunity for both!!!

So many of you know that I battle rheumatoid arthritis. And, I am passionate about helping others find their best support, community, and information that is up-to-date and effective, the Live Yes! Arthritis Network is a space to provide this for us.  We are warriors, but that does not mean we should battle alone. #WeLiveYes

This impacts 54 million Americans, and, as many of us know, living and thriving with an autoimmune condition can feel lonely.  It is vital to have resources to lean on and look into. This is why I am so excited and passionate about partnering with the Arthritis Foundation to help empower people living with or affected by arthritis as they share their new Live Yes! Arthritis Network!!  Click here to check it out:

This online network provides personalized help and support to adults living with all types of arthritis and rheumatic conditions and parents or guardians of children living with arthritis. There are opportunities for connection, education, and empowerment with Live Yes! Connect Groups, the online community, and conferences.

This network allows us to connect in person and online, which helps us live our best and most convenient lives while creating community.  One of the best parts of speaking out about living with rheumatoid arthritis is that I found out I was not alone. Networks like the Live Yes! Arthritis Network are safe places for fellow patients and caregivers to feel heard, find a place to fit in with those tough days, and a space to celebrate when it is a good day.  

Community provides us strength in each other.  This Network is a HUGE opportunity for that. I am most excited for all of the opportunities to connect more fully with people like me who understand what I am going through, and THE RECIPES!!!  I love to cook!!! You have to check this out for yourself! Click here to watch more:


Since 1 in 4 Americans (including children) have arthritis, there is no better time to band together and connect in a way that can create action against this disease.

With the current events and COVID-19, the Live Yes! Arthritis Network has created specific resources to help us maneuver our best course of action, answer questions about prescription medications, and highlight overall concerns of our community.  For more details, please check out the link here!!

Like me, find your yes by joining the Live Yes! Arthritis Network to make connections and find support online and in person, especially in this season of social distancing. And be sure to check out their library of recipes so you can still enjoy your love of delicious and healthy food.

Sign up for your free account today!  Click here:


Are you going to LIVE YES!???? #WeLiveYes


To view updated information about COVID-19 and Arthritis, please click here!

Access more information about the Arthritis Foundation here:
Facebook page:

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