Becoming an Inflammation DETECTIVE




Have you ever wanted to pinpoint exactly WHAT it is in your daily diet that is causing all of that inflammation, pain, bloat, swelling, or discomfort?

This post is for you.

Let’s talk about being a detective for your body for a second…you are walking into the kitchen and see all kinds of food that you can easily grab for a quick lunch and it hits you…that leftover beef roast and gravy left you feeling kind of off last night after dinner. Then you remember that you also had a dark roast coffee from the drive-thru yesterday, and it sort of made your wrists ache more than usual all night long.  Then the bag of chips is eyeing you down as you approach your pantry to pick up some bread to build a sandwich and it dawns on  you that the last time you ate the honey turkey you picked up from the grocery deli you had aches up and down your arms. And, on and on….THIS is being a detective in your body.  Little hints, peeks, or messages that your BODY is giving you about the food you are consuming and HOW it is ACTUALLY making you feel.


It doesn’t awaken overnight, the investigator, but it does bring plenty of information to chisel away at.  The easiest way to get in tune with this side of your personality is to dive right in.  Start keeping a food journal, tracking your daily food in a food tracking app, or dedicate a serious moment each day to highlight HOW you actually feel, noting pain location, mood, energy, etc.


Another way to truly become a detective is to lighten the load of inflammatory food you are consuming.  I did this by following an elimination process of known inflammation trigger foods, but you can do this any way that works for you.  You choose a specific amount of time (usually starting with at least 30 days) and eliminate foods that cause inflammation.  IT IS THIS SIMPLE.  You go all in.  You have patience. You process and record HOW you feel.  You wash, rinse, and repeat.  
I wish I could bottle the investigator energy up and send it to you to explain it better, but I cannot share it in any way simpler than encouraging you to TRULY KNOW your body

Listen to it. 

Focus on how it digests what you eat. 

Focus on the energy levels and how they fluctuate hour to hour. 

Are you sluggish by 2:00 pm? 

Do you live on coffee? 

Are you reaching for sugary or salty snacks around 3? 

Know these things for knowledge, and let go of any shame they might bring up.  Becoming a detective or investigator of yourself means you are an impartial piece of the puzzle that is eventually leading you to find the path of pain-relief in a natural way. 


If you need more guidance in this area, please make sure you have downloaded my free Inflammation Tracker to see more topics to watch for and keep track of. 

Click here.

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