Supplements FILL the Gaps

Supplementation is something I wholeheartedly believe in.


Let’s reframe it this way:  pretend you eat like the BEST human on the planet, never skipping a serving of greens, hitting your daily fiber intake by noon everyday, drinking all the perfectly filtered water, eating just the BEST kinds of protein, healthy fats are your jam, and you never eat anything processed, fried, baked with flour, sugar, butter, and eggs…plus, you get plenty of outside light, and only buy non-GMO/organic everything.  Okay, did you roll your eyes yet? Yeah, me, too!

Thing is, even IF we could function as the human I described above, there are missing nutritional gaps in the food we have available to us to consume.  Soil in the world is over-farmed.  Our produce is grown many STATES or COUNTRIES away from the current location where we are consuming it, and WHO KNOWS how long it has been since it was harvested….plus, there are just lacking elements of micronutrients that our diets have been missing.



I am Grade A BASIC, basic, when it comes to supplements.  I don’t take pills, at all.  I drink a smoothie.  It has these ingredients (read more here).  It is the only supplement I have used for the past five years.  THE. ONLY. SUPPLEMENT. I. HAVE. USED.


Please reread that last sentence.  I am not kidding about this supplement, or the ingredients.  I absolutely believe (and the women who I have helped remove/lessen their medication and pain agree) in this smoothie mix.  And, please, for the love of your own sanity, do not GO OUT and buy any of these individual ingredients.  I do not measure and make the smoothie blend myself, it is already formulated to FILL IN THE GAPS of micronutrients in my daily diet.  I trust that it works because I tested it and have used it successfully for the past (almost) five years.


Love you big. 

If you would like extra information about the smoothie, please send me an email below.

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