Most Basic Mindset Hacks: The Missing Link in Healing

If you have been anywhere near my page, this blog, my stories, any video I have ever done, or seen a post from my corner of the internet, you know that I am a HUGE fan of working on mindset and focusing on rewriting some of the lies that live between our ears.

Let’s unpack this a little today.

Here is the truth:  mindset is personal, meaning it is YOURS to work on.  That is a big task.  That is something that might feel yucky, heavy, undesirable, hard, nasty, ugly, fun, fierce, tiring, struggle-some (I made that word up!), competitive, angry, sad, awful, and even enjoyable. 



Healing only happens when our WHOLE BODY is involved.  And, that WHOLE BODY involves our mindset/soul/heart/deep internal being.  I can go on and on, but I made a video that explains something that might come up and how to work through it….the dreaded fear of failure, watch below.

One thing I am going to leave you with is this:  get inside of truth.  I mean dig deeper into wisdom, pick up a bible, get on the same page as God and Jesus, and stop trying to figure out this life on your own being a solo rockstar.  Leaning on wisdom, truth, love, and soul will change your life. 


Go dig out that bible, or download an app for free to your phone, and start reading about Jesus. 

If you are rolling your eyes, go download two apps, and ASAP. 

Peace be with you.

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