Starting a JOURNEY in the Word

Ooooh, hello!109529421_1014007019058721_7972495888398998257_n

This post has been brewing, sitting on my heart, and feeling prepared by something much more divine than these two hands that sit typing this right now.

I have been asked by a few of my friends to help them “learn” the bible, and I have to say, THAT feels humbling, but it also feels unnecessary.

God wants us to come to him with an open heart, open eyes, and open ears.  Nothing else.  He wants to do the work to teach, speak, share, and guide. Our only “job” is to surrender and allow Him to work in our faith.

But, to share a few tips that HAVE helped me overcome my own defeated journey into the word….here is a quick list of ideas to help AND a fast video I made this morning after being prompted!!

First of all, you are in control.  It doesn’t have to be perfect. And, you get to decide (with your own permission) how this goes.  Step into it with open excitement and heart.

With that in mind, I speak about the various translations available in the video.  I started (and found ease) in the ESV translation.  I had a bible like this one here, but you can search around online and find one that FITS you best.

Honestly, I think I speak it out a little better than I am typing it here.  Please watch below!


If I could give you any advice to start, just have PEACE as you read.  Lean in.  Let the word SPEAK to you.  It is alive.  It is truth.  It is beautiful.  Start small, and start with an open heart.  Blessings to you friend.


*Some of the links contained in this post are affiliate links.  They are used to help guide you.  Feel free to look around and find your best fit in all of this.  I am just an enthusiastic believer, so take everything you read/hear here at face value and make your own choices for what is best for you.

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