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In the last 10 years (can we believe it went so fast??), I have gone from undiagnosed, suffering, confused human with excruciating joint pain that hopped and bopped in the night, to a rheumatoid arthritis patient on daily prescriptions (including prednisone), to a person who uses food to thrive and lives healed from that autoimmune nightmare life.

Now, I NEVER share my story to belittle the pain, struggle, aggravation, or hurt you might be going through today. I understand my story is individual and it is powerful, yet, all of our stories are valid. I always want to frame my story as a few steps ahead of wherever you might be, not that far, and NOT out of reach. WHAT IF??!!

Anything is possible if a person believes. Mark 9:23

To eliminate (pun intended) the need for constant scroll, digging through all the old posts, and really feeling stressed out by a long story, I am going to give you the 15-ish second version. In 2015, I decided to change my health. This meant taking on a processed-foods-free attitude with my daily food intake, and I started THERE. (step 1: cut junk food. all of it. do this first, do this strongly, do this well. do not move onto step 2 until this is mastered.)

I cut junk food, and I noticed how quickly weight started to come off and how my natural energy improved. At this same time, I added in 30 minutes of daily exercise. (step 2: move your body. my joints STILL hurt during this, I did it anyways. it is not about a perfect plan, although, I followed a solid 21-day program that had a specific workout each day. it is more about just DOING the thing, even if the mood is not there on day 1. mood will never be there, until it is. stop waiting on the mood to change and trust.)

I am not going to be naïve and not tell you about water intake, because if you are taking the time to eat differently, that same care needs to go into your daily fluids. Start drinking water, your body loves it, needs it, and will thrive because of it. Literally, go drink some while you read this.

So, those are the two steps, the steps BEFORE the steps to elimination. I didn’t fast. I didn’t do a special detox. I used common sense with food and stuck to “cleaner” choices when it came to meals and snacks. I followed a system, 100%, and for that, I am super-grateful. I learned how to portion servings that my body needed and how to fit in all of the nutrient groups of food my body thrived on. If you need help with that part, my group coaching is where I devote time to the details of fitness/nutrition-coaching (or, we can link up for individual coaching), which can be found here ♥.

To start, it requires some VERY simple choices:

  1. WHY do you want to make a change?
  2. What new habits will your goal require?
  3. Is this something you are willing to commit time to, effort in, and change your mood for?

Starting is the best part. Truly! Get excited. Get HOPEFUL. Get OPEN! Remember:

  1. You can do NEW things!
  2. You can do HARD things!
  3. Challenges are meant to GROW you!
  4. Speedbumps are NOT a detour, they’re proof you are moving forward and transforming!

Stay tuned for more about elimination in future posts!! I hope this has been simple, effective, and helpful. Remember, if you would like to access more in-depth coaching from me, please click the button below!

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