When will your mood change?

It won’t.

Ooooof, did I lose you?!

Truth: your mood to start, keep going, or even just try ONE new thing is far more likely to deflate than those balloons you see at the grocery store…you know, the ones that look like they are lingering on their last breath of helium? (and balloons ALWAYS lose their life….)

So, how do you combat THIS quandary?

You better get super clear about WHY you are:
1) wanting a mood change
2) willing to put in the work

Now, this post is not to be a bully to your dreams, at all. I want you to succeed. Like that girl who is cheering you on from the dark corners of the internet, I am here to shout LIFE over your goals and see you at the finish line….but, I am you, and I know how easy (af!) it is to skip the dream, settle for whatever is kinda okay right now, and never EVER see that light….like having the end of the tunnel completely cave in on itself.

Let’s act like you want to lose 25 pounds by June 1. Since it is mid-March, this is absolutely a healthy, attainable, and powerful goal to be reaching for. What are the steps you must take to get to that June deadline?

off the top of my head:

  • figure out how to drink water more than any other fluid each and every day
  • move your body for at least 30-45 minutes daily
  • eat foods that don’t have labels and are as close to natural as possible
  • skip processed, fast-food, and overly sugary food-like consumption

Will aiming at any of these tasks blindly help your mood in achieving them?
What is it that will keep you going?

In other words, why the fudgety do you want it?

What changes in your life if you hit your goal?
What is better?
What is no longer a stronghold?
What lesson can you learn?
Who will be proud of you?
Who are you influencing?

If you have read this far, I encourage you to grab a sheet of paper, and write it out.
Do not worry about the HOW, focus on WHY, first!

I can help you with the HOW in another post! That part is so simple, especially when you have a solidified WHY! I am so excited that you read this far! ♥ don’t stop!

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