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Confessions of an Accountability Coach

I cannot make you MOVE from the stuck spot you feel you are in. I cannot give you the gumption to not quit. I cannot motivate you to be disciplined. I cannot wrap up your goals and hand them to you on a silver platter. Working with humans who have BIG triple P is tough...oh,… Continue reading Confessions of an Accountability Coach

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Guilt-Free Unsugar Cookies

Lately, I have had a fascination with all things cookie dough.  It is a love-love relationship where I lovingly dive into a decadent tasting "dough" that I concoct out of inflammation-friendly ingredients like coconut flour, cacao nibs, stevia, coconut oil, flax seeds, superfood blends, and so on, you get the picture....ooooodles of creation here!! Today,… Continue reading Guilt-Free Unsugar Cookies

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Make Your Own Almond Joy Bars

It is NO secret that I have a WICKED sweet tooth!  You are looking at a blog from the girl who used to eat sugar from our sugar bowl by the SPOONFUL, went to culinary school to earn a baking & pastry arts degree, took advantage of cooking opportunities within her pre-K classroom on the… Continue reading Make Your Own Almond Joy Bars


The Beautiful TRUTH that is Toasted Coconut Butter (Manna if you’re fancy ♥)

If you have ever dabbled in the world of autoimmune diets, nutrition, protocols, eliminations, or anything related to REMOVING inflammation from your body, there has probably BEEN a time that you stumbled across the fact that peanut butter is an excessively inflammatory food....I, myself, am an enthusiast of the aforementioned butter, and I absolutely know… Continue reading The Beautiful TRUTH that is Toasted Coconut Butter (Manna if you’re fancy ♥)

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Coconut Cacao Chip Griddle Cakes

And, with that, Sunday brunch vibes just got REALLY clear. Here is the truth, I am not a fan of the fads that come and go.  Eat. Real. Food. The genesis of this recipe came from wanting to enjoy my Sunday morning breakfast with ingredients that are low-inflammation and helpful for my body's immune system. … Continue reading Coconut Cacao Chip Griddle Cakes

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Are you one of those people who decides to take on a new nutrition plan at the FRESH start of the month because....DUH! you can?? Me, too. YIKES. I did not understand JUST how much my body was becoming more and more reliant on sugar, but here we are and HERE you go.....a little treat,… Continue reading Choco Banana DIPPERS are LIIIIFFFEEE!

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Are Pepperoni Slices KILLING your Spring Break Jive?

Listen, I get it.  You get served the same rotation of "healthy" classroom snacks each afternoon, and NOTHING (I literally mean, NOTHING) is as exciting as the precipice that is SPRING BREAK. It almost feels like a mythical creature that you cannot grasp...think unicorn here ♥ The kids are wild.  The breaks are nonexistent.  The… Continue reading Are Pepperoni Slices KILLING your Spring Break Jive?

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“Clean” Christmas Cookie Swap Shopping List

Did you know that ANY recipe can be made "clean" by adjusting a few key ingredients? As a trained pastry chef/baker/cake artist, I have worked my way around a kitchen, fell in love with flour, sugar, and butter, and the beautiful combination they create when blended, but I have also had the downfalls of those… Continue reading “Clean” Christmas Cookie Swap Shopping List

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Peanut Butter Coconut Pancakes

If you just read my DIET blast, you know that low-carb is now my jam  (it pretty much has been since starting to eat healthier in 2013)....but, I am a major comfort-food-seeker, especially when the COLD hits the pavement. These do NOT disappoint.  Pancakes to feed all, healthy, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and made with LOVE… Continue reading Peanut Butter Coconut Pancakes

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My BIG FAT stab at low CARB, HIGH fat living

High fat, low carb. Ketogenic.   Crazy fad. Deprivation. Quick fix. Can I simply start by saying, THESE are all ways I HAVE felt about the idea of eating  higher fat, lower carbohydrate nutrition.  I came from the old standard of calorie-counting, LOVED my carbs (sugar) WAY more than I ever admitted, and really felt… Continue reading My BIG FAT stab at low CARB, HIGH fat living