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Grass is Greener

As I sit here, listening to the sound of two different neighbors mowing their lawns, I am overcome with the idea of hustle, breath, and fascination of pride. I am no expert, and absolutely NOT a gardener or even have anything CLOSE to a green thumb, so I take both of these instances as SHEER… Continue reading Grass is Greener

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Allow Myself to Introduce…..Myself

Okay, if you know the movie this title quote is from, can I GIVE YOU A HIGH FIVE???!!! ♥ I am Nicky, you could have guessed that much.  And, unlike any other introduction I have shared before, this one is NOT rainbows and unicorns....it is TRUTH in a nutshell.  I believe in making a GREAT… Continue reading Allow Myself to Introduce…..Myself

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Are Pepperoni Slices KILLING your Spring Break Jive?

Listen, I get it.  You get served the same rotation of "healthy" classroom snacks each afternoon, and NOTHING (I literally mean, NOTHING) is as exciting as the precipice that is SPRING BREAK. It almost feels like a mythical creature that you cannot grasp...think unicorn here ♥ The kids are wild.  The breaks are nonexistent.  The… Continue reading Are Pepperoni Slices KILLING your Spring Break Jive?

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An Unsuspecting Leader

You know that feeling....walking past the school kitchen or teacher's meeting....the smell of FRESH donuts and Starbucks coffee wafting past your nose....and you KNOW the gut check that happens if you decide to SKIP the regular option of diving in and going with the crowd... Brutal. There are no words for the POWER that comes… Continue reading An Unsuspecting Leader