Health Food Store Finds

I just got done hosting a cookie swap in my Facebook community, (btw, if you aren’t in there, you NEED to be ♥ click here!!) and these are the INGREDIENTS (health-food-store-finds) that we used and learned about!!  What does your holiday baking look like?
Everything listed below is either a brand I LOVE, or something I USE daily in my cooking/baking. I have not listed anything by brands that I have not personally tried and appreciate their quality of product!!


Liquid Stevia:
Pure Maple Syrup:
Raw, Local Honey: (find at local market) or this is one I have tried:


All-Purpose Gluten-free flour:
Paleo Flour blend:
Coconut Flour:


Almond Butter: (make sure it is UNSWEETENED with only almonds as your ingredient!!)
Alternative milks:


Sugar-free chocolate chips:
Collagen Peptides:
Unsweetened Flake Coconut:


Thrive Market: – RECEIVE 25% off your first order!! This is WHERE I get MY FOOD!! I am obsessed with Thrive Market!! They are about 10-20% cheaper than local health food stores and have MANY different options!!
Amazon: I always find my favorite cookbooks on Amazon!! I am a Prime-junkie!!  I also love to listen to Audible on my phone to learn more while cooking!!
Listen to Audible (a great way to LEARN more about your health) – first book is FREE!!