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Redefining Autoimmune …one med-free week at a time.

At Nicky and Spice, you will be greeted with hope, possibility, action-taking, and alternative autoimmune (especially rheumatoid arthritis) management.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Management

I share my tips and med-free approach to autoimmune openly on all of my social media platforms. These post are an extension of that information.

Sabbath Baking Chronicles

Every Saturday, I unplug from work and use my first passion to create delicious art that is husband-tested and approved. Our kitchen has never smelled better!

Online Wellness Accountability Coaching

I work with women, likely similar to you, who have wellness goals, battle life issues like disease, time-management, busyness, mindset, and health overwhelm. I help you stay on track.


Nicky is a wife, fur-mom, Christ-follower who has a strong conviction to share alternative ways to deal with circumstances that feel out of control. Through her story, she has become an advocate for personal wellness, honoring the body that God created, and living with a connection to Spirit and Health. This site is meant to be a space to cultivate community, ask questions, and find hope. All information shared here is personal experience and not meant to be used to replace medical advice.

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