How Disease Begins…

Rethinking Autoimmune

It starts with something traumatic. Maybe a job loss. Or a break-up. Or, really, ANY loss that triggers some sort of stress, usually emotional and mental….

Then it blows up.
First, it feels like a foreign invader.
Unrecognizable symptoms.
Feelings that you have never felt before.
Misdiagnosis from the Google machine or a well-meaning (hopefully) doctor.

No one wants to touch you with a 10 foot pole…and this is all pre-COVID. This is AUTOIMMUNE. This is the CYCLE of pre-DIAGNOSIS. This is what millions of humans around the world deal with every single day.

If you are blessed enough to not have to fight too long to receive an “official” diagnosis, and kick-off appointment that lasts longer than 4.75 minutes, it is just the beginning of learning NEW ways to feel “sick.”

Anyone ever checked the laundry list of side-effects on their prescription sheets?!

Welcome to the world of autoimmune. Robbing Peter to pay Paul. Suppressing the natural ability of our human bodies to heal and figure it out. Living with debilitating pain or symptoms, plus new POP-UP ones that shine their faces at the most inconvenient times.

This is what so many of us face when we are called “Warrior.”

So, how does one overcome THIS card?

It is a simple question, with the most undesirable answer. No one can answer this straightforward. We are all so different, genetically. What works for one MIGHT not work for another.

And, I like to hold to this kind of explanation, too, simply because NOT enough of us are living on the OTHER SIDE of the prescription-medication deep end….but, and, YOU KNOW I have to have a “BUT!”

But, this just doesn’t make any sense. Autoimmune makes no sense. Not being able to LIVE without a prescription makes no sense. Accepting this as the ONE and ONLY course of management makes no sense. Blind faith that medication is FIXING the root of the problem MAKES NO SENSE.

I have lived as LONG off of prescriptions as I was originally managing rheumatoid arthritis with them. I took a DAILY dose of some sort of DMARD (disease-modifying-anti-rheumatic-drugs) AND steroids…DAILY. Plus, when THAT cocktail didn’t ease my joints into relief, I hit the OTC drugs pretty hard and relied on EIGHT-at-a-time 200 mg Advil capsules, taking up to 24 pills on a “good” day.

To say that I was “in the system” of prescriptions and BLIND FAITH of my doctor’s drug recommendations is an understatement. She said I would be on medication until the day I died. I accepted this as my fate. At 27. And, always wondered WHY I was falling asleep before dinner and couldn’t make it through a full movie at the age of 29.

I didn’t KNOW there was any OTHER option. Medication is ALL you see as a PATIENT of mainstream medicine.

All of that aside, what can YOU do today that will move you forward into FEELING better?

Does it mean the flare wins?

Does it mean medication until the day we die?

Does it mean HOPELESSNESS?

Maybe. If you choose to accept that path.
But, what if you attempted a NEW nudge in a different direction?

Listen, I can be a cynic, just like the next girl, and WAS for a very long time. Meds worked, but didn’t. I still woke up at 2:00 AM, nightly, in excruciating pain. And, I thought that was just “getting older.”

Accept it and move about my life.

Except, I kept feeling nudges.

The first happened a couple years after diagnosis. I was QUICKLY gaining the pounds and eating however I wanted, because when you BATTLE with an autoimmune disease that sucks, the LAST thing you want to do is eat carrots and spinach.

I was OBESE. Like, over 300 pounds obese. And, I was pissed.

It hurt to realize that I had moved into this space of treachery, disease AND morbid obesity, AND I wanted to STOP falling VICTIM to it all. THAT is when MY FIRST STRAW broke.

It started pretty small. I tracked my food. I had NO IDEA what I had NO IDEA about…and, it turns out, eating white cake with grocery store buttercream on the daily DOES NOT promote a healthy-for-me-and-my-joints weight. TEAR…literally. I love cake. I went to culinary school for pastry arts because of my long-lasting love affair with confections….cake and me, well, we had to take a break.

In one year, I lost around 85 pounds. Tracking food, making simple changes, drinking water….it felt AWESOME. Then, I stopped. I hadn’t hit my 100 pound loss goal, and I caved. I stopped caring, as much, and gained a little back over the next year. It took another year and a half before the NUDGE woke me back up.

God is consistent like that. He doesn’t stop trying to get us to MOVE, just because we become weary or stop listening to Him. He NUDGES with all kinds of things…other people’s stories, ideas, rekindling dreams, PAINFUL sleep reminders that the meds are NOT working and THIS will continue to BE YOUR LIFE unless you go out on a limb of TRUST…you know, THAT kind of talking.

But, what if the nudge is just a start?
It is!

The nudge got the ball rolling. I lost weight, which proved to me that I was not destined to live any which way…this was an unearthing my soul needed.

It took an entire life turned upside down by autoimmune disease for me to have a reason to change. What is waiting on the other side of your current situation? What if that burden is the BIGGEST blessing you have ever experienced?

November 2015, the tables turned. Disease stopped ruling my life (day and night) and became a passenger, third-row seating passenger….but, it was not without some faith, a lot of persistence, and TRYING something that seemed so IMPOSSIBLE.

I have this theory. Obviously, the evidence I have of this being true is my own life and experiences with rheumatoid arthritis. However, I believe autoimmune disease (especially rheumatoid arthritis) comes to be in our lives like this:

This is how it happened for me. And, so many of you have shared your patient stories with me, as well.
From that, this is the path of autoimmune disease for most of us.

Now, it has been well over five years since I took my last morning set of pills. I haven’t touched ibuprofen to survive through the beginning hours of my day since November of 2015. That is a LOT of OTC drugs I didn’t have to buy, and a lot of medication my internal organs did not have to filter and endure. It is a lot of inflammation that got under control, and a seemingly incurable disease that was put to rest.

Does this mean that I am 1000% healed? I don’t know. I cannot predict what will happen, but I know that the lifestyle of rebooting the nutrition and lifestyle I lead had to happen so I could see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Your opportunity to do the same, REBOOT from inflammation is right here. If you would like to be considered for my 1:1 online coaching, please tell me a little about your current lifestyle, pain, inflammation, disease, and long-term goals below!! I will be in touch to connect about your answers within 24 hours.

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Thanks for reading along. I hope this opened your eyes, mind, or touched some part of you that makes you MOVE. ♥

Have a blessed day!