Rheumatoid Arthritis Wellness Reboot


Over 265 weeks ago, on a Tuesday in November, I woke up to no rheumatoid arthritis medication left to take.♻️

I hadn’t been miraculously cured. ⭐️

I hadn’t been sent into magical medical remission. 🔥

I had taken steps with nutrition and micronutrients to change how my immune system responded to EVERYTHING. Everything. 🤘🏻

Food is life, even supplements. Those little powerhouses that blend up in my morning breakfast smoothie and taste like magic are truly my insurance.💘

I don’t have the fear I used to. I don’t wake up at 2:00am anymore in excruciating pain. I sleep, and I sleep well. This “freedom” weekiversary is W•A•Y more than a removal of medication.

My dream is that YOU (yes, you warrior!) feel the same freedom. Every single day, learning new ways to care for your wellness.💫

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