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Have you ever felt like there just wasn’t enough GOING ON in your life?

You wake up, rinse, and repeat.

Slave away, work someone else’s hours, then collect a paycheck to enjoy two VERY short days off and wake up to get back at it again?

Guess what….me, TOO!

Except, I found something different.  It has allowed me to pay it forward to others in their health, clothing size, and freedoms from FEAR!  PLUS, we get to go on trips…like, in-my-NAME trips! ♥ 

Hard Rock Resort and Casino, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Strolling the all-inclusive resort beach in the Dominican Republic

(really, this part is probably the most life-changing because I have always STRUGGLED to pay for anything, let alone an entire TRIP earned by me!)

Did I mention I stay home and do this gig full-time?  Retired preschool teacher at the age of 34  The time freedom has been beyond my wildest dreams!  I work from my computer or my cell phone, and I have an awesome connection of workouts that travel with me in my handy-dandy little app

Earning the exciting perks is just a bonus to the way I FEEL about my work now.  I have been in retail, working with the public.  I have been in a private school setting, working with families.  My actual sweet spot wasn’t until I started to teach others what I do, have done, and will continue to ROCK and how simple it really is to find that dream life.  Weight is something many of us struggle with.  Money is, too.  Friendship and belonging has actually been one part of my kryptonite, so becoming a coach wrapped EVERYTHING into one glittery package for me.  

Shy girls unite.  I challenge you to find your voice, share your tales, and change your lives.  I want you to FEEL as good as healthy looks, rock your life as HARD as metal sounds, and shine as BRIGHT as sparkles glisten.  You are worth it.

Believe. Dream. Take a leap ♥

If you are looking for that extra inspiration, motivation, and a little income with a side of pounds vacated from your scale, click here or contact me below ♥