Backstage with SPICE Nation

Do you ever have those moments where it just is NOT working and you feel like tossing in the towel?

Me, too. Like just yesterday. I feel ya…..big time!

I evaluate, and reevaluate, my circumstances and excuses all the time. (I wish I was that enlightened!! Right?! —note the twinge of sarcasm here)

Truth is, we fall.  We get swirled and swallowed by LIFE, and it is TOUGH to find balance and laughter, or balance and LOVE, or balance and HEALTH…..or balance and FULFILLMENT.

When I taught, I thought I would FINALLY feel THAT feeling of enough, of “making” it, of PURPOSE, and I saw little peeks of it, but it never stayed very long because of LONG hours for little paychecks and LACK Mentality…..I was surrounded by depressed feelings and it was eating at my heart.

The day I was shown THE community I was missing, is a day I WILL NEVER forget.  Extremely DRIVEN by something divine and COMPLETELY meant to be in my life.

The day I realized my own worth versus someone else’s view of my worth was pivotal.


In the next few videos, I hope that you find THOSE feelings I mean to share.  The FREEDOM in my health, which led to building a legacy that is still a little, tiny baby, to the DREAMS of soooooo much more for WOMEN I haven’t even met yet!!  You, I want you to dream big, too!!  This is the WAY we create a life by design!!

Thank you for being here and being brave enough to go backstage!! 



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Will you believe with me?♥



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