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Starting a JOURNEY in the Word

Ooooh, hello! This post has been brewing, sitting on my heart, and feeling prepared by something much more divine than these two hands that sit typing this right now. I have been asked by a few of my friends to help them "learn" the bible, and I have to say, THAT feels humbling, but it… Continue reading Starting a JOURNEY in the Word

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Be FULL of Muchness ♥

My pastor always begins his messages with the phrase, “I like to start with something funny...” and it BREATHES ease into his work. God lets us see the peace all around by shining brightly on spaces that are safe. Some of us have strife right now, and that is okay. It too shall pass. The… Continue reading Be FULL of Muchness ♥

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Getting BACK your Spirit ♥

Happy Galentine's Day!! If you are a gal, I will be your pal ♥ ENJOY the day beautiful!! With celebration in mind, I have one question to ask, HAVE you LOST touch with your positivity?  Your depth?  Your zest for more? That is OKAY! We all have that happen ♥ but, you know what, it DOES… Continue reading Getting BACK your Spirit ♥