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It is a gift.

Do you ever wonder EXACTLY why certain things happen to you in your life? The job loss. The diagnosis. The friendship that fell apart. The doubters, naysayers, haters. The circumstances. The pain. Sure, in the forefront, it is freaking painful.  It stings.  It leaves us stuck, frozen, and without the will to push...but, it also… Continue reading It is a gift.

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What is your truth?

Where are my truth seekers? I am looking for those babes who RULE their worlds by devouring information.  The ones who cannot rest at good enough, but need SUPERB.  The ones who reach farther and farther every single moment to DO the things that others won't.   YOU. Did you know you have power?  Did you… Continue reading What is your truth?

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My “Magic” treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Where are my warriors? I have shared many times with my social media audiences just HOW I was able to remove my daily steroid and anti-malaria medications, but this is a new site with TONS of potential to spread the word. I will be a rebel here and say something PROLIFIC. Nutrition is EVERYTHING. Everything.… Continue reading My “Magic” treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis