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Be FULL of Muchness ♥

My pastor always begins his messages with the phrase, “I like to start with something funny...” and it BREATHES ease into his work. God lets us see the peace all around by shining brightly on spaces that are safe. Some of us have strife right now, and that is okay. It too shall pass. The… Continue reading Be FULL of Muchness ♥

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Does your MINDSET kill your vibes??!

Hey SWEET babe!!It has been LONG TIME NO TALK!! Well, let's change that real quick, yeah?? So, I have been REALLY interested in mindset lately, and WHAT can be done to overcome some of the CRAP that goes on up there......and, this is what I have found:  It is not only NOT our fault, but we… Continue reading Does your MINDSET kill your vibes??!

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Getting BACK your Spirit ♥

Happy Galentine's Day!! If you are a gal, I will be your pal ♥ ENJOY the day beautiful!! With celebration in mind, I have one question to ask, HAVE you LOST touch with your positivity?  Your depth?  Your zest for more? That is OKAY! We all have that happen ♥ but, you know what, it DOES… Continue reading Getting BACK your Spirit ♥

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Galentine’s Day FUN!!

So, I realized the other day, that I have COMPLETELY abandoned my blog universe because I have been having fun creating over on my other platforms, but.... I AM BACK!! Hey ♥ how have you been doing? Did you miss me? (hahahahaha, laughs out loud, giggles, and then continues to type...) Do you want to… Continue reading Galentine’s Day FUN!!

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What is your truth?

Where are my truth seekers? I am looking for those babes who RULE their worlds by devouring information.  The ones who cannot rest at good enough, but need SUPERB.  The ones who reach farther and farther every single moment to DO the things that others won't.   YOU. Did you know you have power?  Did you… Continue reading What is your truth?

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What do you do when you are afraid??!

It seems pretty obvious, right? Fear stops us, dead, in our tracks, frozen, out of the realm of being able to move forward. But, is it REALLY ever quite that dramatic?! 😂😂 no. Not usually, but it should be.Every goal we set is an opportunity to listen to our hearts and shine with a brightness… Continue reading What do you do when you are afraid??!