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“Clean” Christmas Cookie Swap Shopping List

Did you know that ANY recipe can be made "clean" by adjusting a few key ingredients? As a trained pastry chef/baker/cake artist, I have worked my way around a kitchen, fell in love with flour, sugar, and butter, and the beautiful combination they create when blended, but I have also had the downfalls of those… Continue reading “Clean” Christmas Cookie Swap Shopping List

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What is your truth?

Where are my truth seekers? I am looking for those babes who RULE their worlds by devouring information.  The ones who cannot rest at good enough, but need SUPERB.  The ones who reach farther and farther every single moment to DO the things that others won't.   YOU. Did you know you have power?  Did you… Continue reading What is your truth?

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Peanut Butter Coconut Pancakes

If you just read my DIET blast, you know that low-carb is now my jam  (it pretty much has been since starting to eat healthier in 2013)....but, I am a major comfort-food-seeker, especially when the COLD hits the pavement. These do NOT disappoint.  Pancakes to feed all, healthy, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and made with LOVE… Continue reading Peanut Butter Coconut Pancakes

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My BIG FAT stab at low CARB, HIGH fat living

High fat, low carb. Ketogenic.   Crazy fad. Deprivation. Quick fix. Can I simply start by saying, THESE are all ways I HAVE felt about the idea of eating  higher fat, lower carbohydrate nutrition.  I came from the old standard of calorie-counting, LOVED my carbs (sugar) WAY more than I ever admitted, and really felt… Continue reading My BIG FAT stab at low CARB, HIGH fat living

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Spiced Cocoa Cookie Dough Bites

  As a graduate of different nutrition mindsets like Whole30, portion-controlled eating, balanced intuitive eating (my mind ALWAYS thought I needed to eat ♥), and the age-old standby of strict calorie-counting, I have been down quite a few rabbit holes when it came to actually LOSING weight and KEEPING it off. Over the course of… Continue reading Spiced Cocoa Cookie Dough Bites