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When HARD is exactly WHAT you need to move you…

"When life is hard, we give up on what we really believe in." OUCH.  I heard this statement a few weeks ago within a mindset community I am a part of.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I have read this statement for the last few weeks and admitted to myself, more than… Continue reading When HARD is exactly WHAT you need to move you…


Braving a WHOLE New Year

You guys 2018 was tough. I sat with my husband last night, reflecting on how our years went and he had a very different perspective than me. He was full of the WOWs of his year, while I felt like 2018 took me for a big spin and kicked me out somewhere near a dessert… Continue reading Braving a WHOLE New Year

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Grass is Greener

As I sit here, listening to the sound of two different neighbors mowing their lawns, I am overcome with the idea of hustle, breath, and fascination of pride. I am no expert, and absolutely NOT a gardener or even have anything CLOSE to a green thumb, so I take both of these instances as SHEER… Continue reading Grass is Greener